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Thread: what to do with my hair

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    Default what to do with my hair

    so I have quite long hair and im growing it to my waist or longer but I cant decide either to leave it at that or dread it

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    Your choice. I personally don't do anything with mine.

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    I had long hair when I was much younger. It wasn't down to my waist but it came down on my shoulders. I would leave it more natural rather than dread it, but that's just my personal opinion. I think you should do whatever makes you happy. For what it's worth, I miss my young hair which was brown with blond streaks. Now it's just gray.....sigh. It also was incredibly thick when I was young. So enjoy your hair and wear it the way you want because it doesn't stay that way forever.

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    Seriously! I had shoulder length hair when young... and I didn't know how to properly condition and comb it!

    I'd say enjoy it and goto a hairdresser that's used to dealing with long hair of you type and have them teach you all about proper care and enjoyment!

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