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    As somebody who is incontinent, I have to use disabled toilets to change my nappies several times a day if I'm away from home and I'm always surprised at how many soiled adult nappies can be found in the big incontinence Bins in these toilets.

    The toilets in my local shopping centre seem to frequently be half full whenever I visit and from looking at what's inside the bin there always seem to be multiple premium nappies or pull-ups, but always cloth backed.

    The most unusual nappy I've seen in these bins are Drynites, I assume somebody has been using them for daytime wear.

    A little bit of an icky topic, but for me it's reassuring to know how many other people have to wear for necessity like me.

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    The baby boomers are getting older having to wear crinkles at this age .
    So you will be seeing more.

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    I've never noticed, but then I again I rarely use disabled toilets. I assume you're referring to ones that are single-occupancy, unisex disabled toilets and not just the larger, handicapped stalls in regular men's/women's toilets.

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    I've never seen an incontinence product in the garbage that wasn't mine except for one other time. It's part of the reason why sometimes I can really start to feel alone.

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