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Thread: Science says you are allowed to have a stuffed animal

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    Default Science says you are allowed to have a stuffed animal

    Some interesting thoughts about still having attachments to a Teddy Bear or plushie.


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    I still have my stuffies around the house and a couple in my room to

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    I have my fluffy puppie in my bed all the time! Don't have my original stuffies unfortunately lost in fire, but my new ones have been around for a long time now...!

    Can't sleep without my puppy, or someone to cuddle with

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    I didnt really have attachments to stuffed animals when I was little. I had a few, sure, but I never rally slept with them or played with them past 6. only started when I was 22.
    My old ones are mostly still around somewhere, but they have been stuffed in the basement for a long time, and its flooded with sewage a few times. I have no real wish to resurrect any of them.
    I love my new stuffed animals.

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    I had a strong attachment to my two teddy bears when I was little. Maybe that's why my plushies seem so real to me now. They all have their own personalities, if that's possible, and they act out in different ways, all through my brain, obviously. I would feel a loss if our dog shredded one or more of them. I had to put our dog in our bedroom when we had company because she wouldn't leave our grandson alone. After they left, I liberated the dog only to find she had taken one of my plushies, "Tec the Tractor" off the bed, but she didn't bother him. He was just on the floor. She's a nutty dog, a golden retriever, which explains a lot.

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    I love stuff animals and miss mine. This is something to think about

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    my special teddy bare is called billy and I have had him since I was 2 and he's still snugly and cuddly

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    One? I have two. And they both wear a diaper just like me.

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