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Thread: A Dress I've been Looking at

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    Default A Dress I've been Looking at

    What do you guys think of it? Wanna know what you guys think before I buy it.

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    That is one of the MOST AMAZING dresses I ever saw!!!!! I may honestly have to buy one. So upon further searching, how have I never heard of this website! I cant even!

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    But it's CCS, so what'd ya expect! *^^*

    On a related note I'm thinking of ordering this:

    I mean, it's a hoodie which is what cool tough gangsters wear, so it wouldn't be weird for a boy to wear one right? ^_-

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    Both are super cute!

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    it's not on the topic of Sakura but this is the one that has my eyes at the moment.

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    Now thatz,Cute and Adorable!..

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    They Both look like they would be ruffleee and a little noisy..Especially over Diapers..But maybe thatz what you want..Ehm Hum..I certainly would..

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    super cute I love it totally buy it

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