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Thread: Diaper Lover since I was 4

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    Default Diaper Lover since I was 4

    I'm 22, male, from MA. I wear for sexual enjoyment less than once per week on average. I don't expect to be vocal on the forum very often. I do read threads on here semi-occasionally. The feeling of community is nice.

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    Hello MrsGreenfield and welcome to the group.

    It's ok to stop by and read we don't bit (A few growls but no biting)

    IF you should like to do so , would you please tell us a little it about yourself such as your hobbies and interests?

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Hello MrsGreenfield. I'm just curious though, the title says you're a dl, but you then go on to say you only wear for sexual pleasure once a month (which sounds more like a fetish now). Has the reason/feeling of wearing diapers change for you over the years, to where you're no longer a dl?

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    For the most part we're a friendly group so do try a thread or two!

    I've enjoyed the broad diversity of opinions, and the general open-mindedness to accept the weird and often blurry ambiguous realities of our lives!

    You get to wear once a week! Lucky! Maybe I'd consider myself more of a DL than just an AB if I wore that frequently...

    What else do you like to do?

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