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    So I know Ive read on some threads about shaving "down there", and etc. But this is kinda different. I am a male to make things clear. I plan to go see someone and it involves me gender bending to role a girl. Now I got fur on my arms and legs. What I want to be able to do is find a way where I can till role a girl, but this is what I mean...

    I plan on wearing makeup to the extent that I naturally could look like a girl from the neck up. A real hair wig, and what I need help with is my arms and legs because I really only want to wear a short skirt and diaper, so the leg hair for sure needs to be dealt with. Is makeup a possibility? Long pants are 1000% A NO GO! NEVER. I may wear long sleeves, but I want to avoid shaving the legs if I can. I really need some help figuring this out. I want to 100% look the part, but I cannot with hairy legs.

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    Try panty hoes. Some of them can cover up hair really well, while also still making you look bare.

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    Ok, I have tried that once, how do I find a brand that is good at that? They are for women, and I don't know much more than to ask a store employee which I have done before. Actually I will see what I can pull up on it from online. Is there such a thing as "arm pantyhose?"

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    Never heard of arm pantyhose!

    But, tights being thicker and more opaque would be what your looking for...

    Depending on brand/color/sizing/etc may need to double up...two pairs...

    But, wear some white or even pink tights with your outfit will look very girly indeed...

    As for arm hair...not sure how much you have...but I'd just shave or go long sleeves...or long gloves would work...

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    You could use a beard trimmer to cut back the hair without needing to shave then wear pantyhose/tights which are readily available online. At the end of the day if you are going for a full 'girly' look then hairy arms and legs will hold you back.

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    I use a Pillips body groomer (basically a bear trimmer with adjustable knob) to keep my arms neck and body from being excessively hairy. If you go for a short youthful fuzz instead of perfectly smooth it's something you only need to do once a week!

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    Alright. Those are great suggestions. I may try white pantyhose or double up.

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