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    Default Kiddo diapers

    So I have been ordering kiddo diapers from diaper minister in the U.K. As I really like the way they fit. Recently I heard rumors that they will be distributed here in the USA real soon.

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    Are Kiddos good?
    Are they comparable to other brands you know?

    I've seen them on diaper minister too, but ordered little paws instead because I couldn't find a good review to this time (was a few weeks before Christmas).

    Would really like to know ^^

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    I would love to get my hands on them

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    yes kiddo diapers are a good diaper as I dont always like to to wear thick maximum absorbancy diapers. they are not as thick as some abdl diapers but they fit great and dont leak. i usually change more often then others especially during the day which is when I use kiddo diapers. it seems most abdl diaper suppliers always want to try and have the most absorbent diaper which is great for those who dont change often but I only like to wear thicker diapers at night. If you are looking for a great daytime diaper that has great fit with actually comfortable waistbands then try kiddo diapers when they start selling in the US soon

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    I've been meaning to get a bag or two of them to try. What's the best source in the USA?

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    they are not available just yet in the usa but will be very soon. i recommend them dont be fooled because they are thinner then most thick abdl diapers. they do not leak and fit great im a 34-36 waist and they fit perfect. the best part are they waist band which are soft lined as well. you can buy them from diaper minister online and ship to usa for $105 per 4 pack. rumor has it that they are going to be sold in the usa in april.

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