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Thread: ***fraud alert joey cuties****

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    Default ***fraud alert joey cuties****

    Unfortunately for us we have another fraud


    After months of waiting, exchange of emails, lies, and excuses, I had to start the paypal dispute. After days of no answer on emails, I send one message through paypal and in minutes (literal minutes) joeycuties cancels my order after he claimed it had been shipped.

    The status updates are fake, the tracking numbers are fake

    COMPLETE FRAUD! BUYER BE AWARE!!! Spread the word and lets end this mockery!

    And in case anybody who placed an order wants to know what his real email address is

    [email protected]

    Go ahead and hit him up
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    Out of curiosity I searched their website and my antivirus flagged it as suspicious and having a high probability of malicious links and payloads.
    Webroot Filtering Extension if you're wondering.

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    good thanks for the tip I will spread the word!

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