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Thread: Most daring thing you've done

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    Default Most daring thing you've done

    So it's 11 at night, I just finished showering and got diapered and decided I wanted to go check the mail... in nothing but a diaper and some slippers. My mail box is right under a street light but since it's almost midnight on a week day most of my neighbors should be asleep. Other than the random car passing by I figured I didn't have to much to worry about.

    Needless to say it was very liberating being able to just walk around outside in my diaper. One day I hope to go camping somewhere remote and wear openly without worry.

    With that being said. What was the most daring thing you've done in a diaper that could have been seen by other people? And does anyone else like being outside in just a diaper?

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    It depends whether the actual intent to be daring is necessary.

    On one occasion, I was driving home really late and found myself in severe need of a diaper change and leaking badly, but I'd run out of diapers (I had bet that they would last longer than they did).

    I pulled up at a public toilet-shower block and changed out of my full diaper into my night weight cloth diapers, folded up and bagged my leaked-on clothes, and put on my sleeper, then put on a sweater over my sleeper so that it just looked like high-waisted, baggy grey track pants. I'd say my cloth diapers were still pretty overt but I really didn't have a choice. At least I didn't have to change when I got home.

    If I'd wanted to do that it probably would have been the most daring thing I'd done yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaliborio View Post
    It depends whether the actual intent to be daring is necessary.
    Could be either necessary or intentional. Obviously I didn't need to go outside in just a diaper but I felt like it and it was amazing.

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    My most daring thing I did, which was intentional, was when I wore a double diaper + leggings (I wear these every day anyway) as well as a tshirt so it didn't cover anything. I went to a mall, so there was probably a nice bulge there, and quite a number of people probably saw. It was thrilling, exciting and a little humilating, all of which are things I enjoy.

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    Most daring ive done yet is wearing under pants/shorts, which most DLs have done. I really want to go to the beach one day and wear under my swim trunks, however, im not sure where the legal boundaries are with being exposed in public

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    I have gone to the beach on several occasions wearing only my diaper. My first time doing this I was confronted by some guy wearing a speedo that was partially exposing himself. He tried to start an argument by saying I was indecent, even though my diaper covered up way more than his speedo. The beach cops actually got involved and told him to leave or get arrested for disturbing my peace. Nice.

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    Literally as we speak I am boarding a flight while diapered! I threw a couple in my backpack and changed in the bathroom. Took me a few minutes in the airport and was a little worried about people seeing through the cracks but oh well!!

    I've been wearing in public before but never in an airport. First time for everything!

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    I took my boat out on the lake in a diaper and pampers t shirt. Left right from and returned to my own dock in front of my house....but lake was crowded with boats.

    Also have driven car in just diaper a few times

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    Well, I'm not sure I'd categorize it as daring, per se, but two years ago I was at one of my best friends' bachelor party. Naturally we were down in the French Quarter, but this time we intended to go for most of the night and got a hotel room rather than head back home.

    Now, two guys he invited from University weren't from down here so they did not know what the drinks were like. There is a particular drink known as a Hand Grenade that they only make at the Tropical Isle on either end of Bourbon. It's purported to be the strongest cocktail you can buy. Well we all got one, but these two couldn't finish theirs, and I, being already a bit tipsy and therefore not of sound mind, decided to finish the two for them. My wheelchair was dripping by the time we got back to the room, lol

    My wife got me cleaned up and changed at the hotel room and put me to bed. This is where things took a turn for the embarassing because we were sharing a room with the best man and his, at the time, boyfriend(I actually ended up officiating the weddings of both his wedding and the bachelor's at this party because it so happens I have that power, lol) and while normally I sleep flat on my back and never move when I'm sleeping, this was not the case this night.

    I don't know if it was the Alcohol or the fact that I had a bunch of biscuits with nothing to wash them down before bed, or both, but I did not stay laying down as I normally do. According to my wife, in the middle of the night wearing nothing but a diaper in my drunken stupor, I moved to the chair in the room, and then back to the bed, only this time with no blanket and my head on the foot of the bed instead of the head. She tried to cover me up a bunch of times but I guess I was just so hot that I kicked it off both times.

    They have known me long enough that they knew of my incontinence already, but nonetheless I was pretty embarassed when I came to the next morning with a massive hangover and them laughing about it.

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    Would be a toss up between going through domestic TSA to get my connection to Chicago in a soaked diaper after flying from Brisbane to L.A. ....
    Or going #2 in my diaper while walking downtown Chicago to get back to my hotel room after walking around site seeing.

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