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    this is more of a brag story then anything else. this last Christmas i took my wife and 2 kids to Disney for 5 days. I'm happy and lucky to have one of those wives who knows about my diaper likes and i got to wear diapers with stuffers to and at Disney all 5 days. i carried a diaper bag and even changed in the restrooms a few times when i got to wet. i was loving every minute having my family with me at a Disney and getting to enjoy being semi little the whole time. the only scary thing( which i got over after the first time it happened) was at each of the park they check all bags so they opened my diaper bag and checked each compartment. luckily they were very professional after i told them there were personal medical supplies in it and they didn't open the bag too wide to check the contents. wanted to stop at the diaper depot in Atlanta on our way home but the time frame just didn't work out. best vacation ever, and of course spent the whole car ride in diapers too.

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    Yup, been there done that. They checked my backpack when I entered, but nothing was said about my diapers. I left it in a locker so I wouldn't have to lug it around all day, and changed in the restrooms when I needed. No biggie, and an awesome way to visit any theme park.

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