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Thread: If you could walk away

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    OK, this is a question I have asked on MANY forums, but it's always a interesting one to ask. For many of us, including myself, being tied to infantilism doesn't always feel like a choice, but more like something we are involuntarily intertwined to. Almost like being hard wired into our brain. The question I want to ask is, if tomorrow you could let go of all your infantile wants and desires, weather this is for comfort or sexual gratifications, or both, would you?

    This question has been in the back of my mind for years. ever since age 7, i have pondered why I wanted diapers so bad. What was worse is I couldn't tell a soul about it, so that made it even worse. Wondering if I was some how broken or mentally unhinged for my baby/diaper wants and desires. As I got older it didn't get better, the desires became stronger, some nights I couldn't sleep I wanted diapers so bad. As with many people, when I finally got diapers, I went through the binge and purge cycles. also with love and guilty relationship for years until I found out about infantilism. I can honestly say this was my final piece of the puzzle I had been longing to find. I wasn't the only one. from the time of age 7 to now i have been having my connection to diapers and my baby wants.

    So the question remains. would I change if I could? The answer I can say honestly now. No. from what I saw as a hindrance to me has now become a major part of me. I have forged some good relationships with people I would have never met otherwise. I have rambled on long enough so I want to ask anyone here, would you walk away if you can?

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    I've been a DL since my earliest memories, and I think I still would walk away if I could. It's just added cost and complexity for my life.

    That doesn't mean I'd abandon the people I've met through this though. I'm friends with people in the furry community who are very open about being into fetishes that I'm definitely not, so I don't think me suddenly not being a DL would change anything.

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    Im more on the DL side rather then the AB side, but given the choice I would honestly say no. IMHO I dont think it is something you could just push aside and pretend its not there. Its ingrained in your very being and is part of you that will stay no matter what you do. The way I look at it is everyone has quirks; some a little bit more out there then others, but thats what makes them who they are. To me, as long as you arent letting it take of our life to the point where there is no line between AB/DL and your day to day life, as long as you aren't out there putting yourself in debt just because you want the latest and greatest product aimed at us then whats the issue?

    I can understand why some people would, but like most other fetishes, you can live a normal life, have a career etc while indulging and yes while difficult and maybe the biggest roadblock, you can meet someone and go on the have a life with them.

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    Oh...that question. The one we've all pondered. Truthfully since Ive known nothing else all my life, I can't say. It's just part of who I am. Honestly, though I might imagine a life without this, I feel anxious at thought of its absence. Kind of like imagining my life without hearing or seeing. Just too weird.

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    In a flash. It has been a real impediment to romantic life. I feel like two people in one body. Sometimes the baby takes over and sometimes the adult.

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    Why did you post the exact same thread twice within 8 hours?

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    For me no I wouldn', it is part of who I am. Little for ever.


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    Nope. Back in my 20's and 30's I would have said yes in a heart beat, however as I've gotten older I've also come to terms with this part of who I am, as well as having become more confident in myself. I thoroughly enjoy wearing diapers, and they are great for relieving my stress too. Given this also doesn't hurt anyone it just doesn't make sense for me to give up diapers.

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    Absolutely not. I'm not hurting anyone. I'm not being inconsiderate or anything like that. I just wish the world were so much less judgmental.

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    if it really were, and I had no control issues making them necessary then yeah, not even a second thought.

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