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Thread: phone verification is a joke.

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    Default phone verification is a joke.

    I'm talking about the way some sites implement it and are very sketchy about it.

    Created a FRESH skype account using my personal email address, didn't attach a number to it, 4 hours later I'm greeted with.

    Your account has been temporarily suspended
    Someone may have used your account [retracted] to send out a lot of junk messages or done something else that violates the Microsoft Services Agreement.

    Bullshit, I added one person, and had a small conversation with them from my old account, according to them that is spam and violates the MSA, but get this I create a new account, just to have the "hold at ransom" for a mobile phone number as well.

    Twitter does the same, lets you create a fresh account with a mobile number, than blocks you for "spam bot related" activities on a FRESH fucking account.

    I swear this must be some "data mining scheme" worst part is they blacklist most of the virtual phone numbers so you NEED to use a number tied to your real identity.

    God xD

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    Well, it IS Microsoft that is behind Skype. They seem to want ALL the data about you nowadays.

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    I remember when skype first came out, to get attention for their program, they were giving away 1 year of free landline calling from your skype account, it was pretty fantastic.

    with that said, It's understandable that in today's society there is a bit more accountability for accounts, to me at least.

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