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    Cool memories.

    Hi Everyone

    Just come back up from a great Little time, regressed, happy and playing with some cars, really wound like a train set to play with.

    Anyway this saying came back to me I don’t know where I heard this back in child hood. “To have rainbows in our lives we need to have tears in our eyes.”

    As you guys know regression if done right can bring up memories, good and bad, and the emotions that are attached to them.

    I did a google such to find out who said it and found it is from a Native American proverbs. Which said “Soul Would Have No Rainbow if the Eyes had no tears.”

    The negative emotions and the memories are a part of us, as well as the good ones, part of who we are. And know who you are on the inside is a steep to accepting yourself, and then liking yourself as you are.

    So I think that it is OK to cry like a baby, in Little Space if that is what you need to do.

    And to keep the furies happy

    Stay Little


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    That is absolutly true. One can't appreciate money when he was never poor. One can not appreciate friends when he was never alone. Bad and good is always there-together. Ying-yang.

    It actually reminded me an animated movie- Inside out. Girl's most happiest memories started like a nightmare.... Something like tears from sadness water flowers which allows them to grow. Excuse my english I hope you understand the idea I want to share with you.

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    Another expression is that our eyes are the windows into our soul. Native Americans believe in the spirit, which makes us bigger than we seem. The pain from our past can make us better and stronger. Even our very young past can have painful memories, and those memories define who we are to become, and in that, both pain and joy live harmoniously as we are the totality of all our experiences. I think that we as littles may understand that better than anyone.

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