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Thread: Bellaband for hiding diaper waistband peeks

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    Default Bellaband for hiding diaper waistband peeks

    My wife and I are expecting later this year. As she was shopping for maternity clothes a friend recommended a Bellaband. It allows her to wear her regular pants longer by covering the button that she can leave undone. It also can be used to cover her belly when it starts causing regular shirts to be to short in the front. It just looks like an undershirt sticking out below your normal shirt.

    Anyways. It occurred to me that one of these could be helpful for those afraid that the waistband of their diaper would show above the waistband of their pants. This would probably solve that problem for most people.

    Ingrid & Isabel Women's Maternity Bellaband Basic, Black, Medium/Large

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    Hmm. These look interesting, but I think onesies are probably still the best solution for diaper wearers.

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    I have a back support I wear for work which keeps my plastic from peeking

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    I just buy long length shirts online, and skip the usual short length shirts you get in most stores.

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