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Thread: Think my wife is tired of my disability.

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    Default Think my wife is tired of my disability.

    I need help with my care. I'm a para since my ATV accident. I do have a care aide while she is at work. But the insurance will not pay for one when she is home. I overheard her complaining to someone on the phone.

    I'm hoping she isn't planning on putting me in a care home. I didn't like it when I was in rehabilitation after my accident. I try to be independent. I'm able to get dressed myself except applying my diaper properly.

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    I doubt that you would qualify for a care home and that means insurance wouldn't pay for it, so you're probably safe. As for your wife, everyone gets tired now and then. Hopefully it's only that, but if you have doubts, it might be a conversation you should have with her.

    If this helps, I've been caring for my wife for the last 10 years. First I did wound care on one of her feet. She has Charcot foot, a collapsing of the bones in the foot. When that happened with her second foot, it became infected with MRSA. The antibiotics used to treat the MSRA destroyed what remained of her kidneys. She does home kidney dialysis and I'm her dialysis partner which means I prep the machine and put her on and off every other night. When not doing that, I change the dressing on her hemo-catheter and flush it.

    Two years ago she had to have her other foot amputated below the knee. I help her get ready in the morning and I do a variety of other things for her such as driving her to her many appointments. I love my wife very much and I don't mind doing these things. When we get married, our vows include "for better or for worse". It's what we should be doing for each other. Hopefully your wife wants to be there for you. I can't imagine having to live without my wife.

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    Your wife could have been venting. It can be hard taking care of someone and being a caregiver to them. But if you only require some help, she is very lucky.

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    We're good. Yes she was venting. Now she is sleeping an extra 30 minutes. I'm letting my day aide get me together in the mornings.

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    I'm really happy that all that was needed was a small compromise and communication, I personally believe when you say your in it for the long haul, and you get married, you should stick to your vows.

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