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Thread: working on me

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    Default working on me

    So close... Eakk. Been going to a gender therapist this past 2 month.. now i have an appointment with a endocrinologist this April. After ill have me HRT letter. This is a lot for me. so much excited and nervous

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    [FONT=Century it took me a a year to get my letter cause my mental health provider was play games. I'm working on the 5 week mark. I'm am happier than I ever imagined I felt like I was missing something before I started and that when I took the first dose I felt normal he started me on a low dose and hope to have it uped in may I have not had any of the mood swings or depression that they warned me about it. I think you will find it worth it. Gothic][/FONT]


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    <3 i hear a lot of good things and really cant wait >< feel like iv wasted a good bit of my life delaying this

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    I wasted 41 years I came out a year ago it was the scariest thing I ever done I live in a conservative town not very exciting I been this way since birth and it was not even expected in Montana till late 90s early 2000s I wished that I could have come out before puberty but my foster parents would have tried to exercise the demons out of me

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    hard not to look back on old pics and think how far i could have came if i didnt delay.. ble

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    Congratulations. You must be so excited! Do not look back, only forwards. You have no control over the past only your future.

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    I grew up in the 60s in NH in a Catholic family. Even though I knew when I was about 3 or 4, I also knew there was no way I could tell anyone. So the fact that I was a girl was my secret. Well, my secret except that I was beaten up all the time for being weird. :-) Anyway, I kept that secret a long time until it very nearly killed me. I finally transitioned at age 40 while teaching high school in a very conservative suburb of Chicago. Talk about scary! But I was so happy I did it: I remember the very first hormone shot, and the incredible feeling I had shortly after, like my brain finally had the right food. Never doubted it for a second. Be excited and happy; you deserve it!

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