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Thread: Adult pacifier usage doing me a concern

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    Default Adult pacifier usage doing me a concern

    I've based most of my decisions to use a pacifier off of the verdict of a lot of AB forums and most have said they've used their pacifier for years or decades without any defects.

    I have a "cherry pop" pacifier that's round and large, with a flat neck of latex leading up to the round bulb. It fills my entire mouth and it's just perfect. I use it nearly all the time.

    Whenever I sleep with it, though, I feel I wake up with teeth more and more discombobulated. Since its purchase last summer, my teeth have migrated and jutted out. My smile used to include a bit of my bottom teeth, but now my bottom teeth can almost about "touch" the line where my gums meet my upper teeth.

    My teeth up front also feel seriously sensitive. I know teeth are meant to have slight flexibility, especially the first two, but it's uncomfortable. I don't feel any distinct looseness but they "bounce" a little more than usual. It takes a serious degenerative disease to cost you your adult teeth or cause an aperture. Not just a suckling habit.

    Should I resort to something like invisalign? Should I dial back on pacifier usage? Will this lead to them falling out?
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    Hi Reaper

    I should get your teeth checked out by a dentist, this is the first time I heard that sucking has done something to adult teeth.

    But we are all different.


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    I use a flat silicone pacifier from little for big and it fits great. I have noticed once in a while my two front teeth feel a little bit sensitive if it's been in all night. It doesn't happen all the time but it seems to happen if I am inadvertently biting down on the pacifier for long periods of time. Usually pacifiers are just supposed to "rest" in the mouth without much effort to keep them in there but I havn't found a single one yet that doesn't require some effort to keep in. I use the flat style paci since dentists do recommend them for being orthotically correct. However all in all, it would be recommended to seek the help of a dental professional and be honest about pacifier use. They should ultimately be able to make a professional recommendation based on your want or un-want to continue using your pacifier.

    I also can't say I have heard of there being any truth to permanent damage to a developed jaw line from pacifier use other than old wives tales for growing toddlers. Whether there is any merit to that remains to be unseen for an adult who's jaw line has fully developed.

    Hopefully that helps.

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    Hehe I love your wording "doing me a concern" XD

    But seriously that is quite strange. I suggest dialing back on the pacifier use a lot, definitely be more gentle, and not use too often at night.
    I also severely doubt you need to worry about your teeth falling out. If you'd like to try invisalign, I'd say go for it but that's just to fix your teeth from a cosmetic standpoint.
    If I were to take a guess, I'd suggest the effect of constant suckling on your gums is what's causing the sensitivity. Gums can be moved and irritated much easier than teeth can. It's just a guess though; I'm no doctor by any means.

    I have noticed my front teeth shift ever so slightly since starting to use pacifiers in the summer or 2016, but literally only by the thickness of a fingernail; something most people wouldn't even notice on themselves; I'm just extremely observant and have been monitoring my teeth for movement. I use mine (Baby Pants orthodontic style) pretty sparingly but do still use them for a couple hours every few days.

    I know exactly what you mean by the feeling of your front teeth "bouncing" and have deduced that the feeling is the skin of my fingers giving and shifting to me pushing at my teeth. It might be the same with you. Teeth are attached to your skull not free floating on your gums so making them actually bounce around would need to be caused by much more force than paci use. Anxiety and paranoia can make you imagine some freaky stuff.

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    Oh yes. Do a google image search for "pacifier damage teeth".

    Too much of a good thing is also a very bad thing. You need to not suck on a pacifier so much, and definitely stop using it overnight.

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    I can also concur that all-night use is probably not a great idea - I used to do it when I was going through a 24/7 phase and I found that my teeth were often sore in the morning because of the pacifier.

    Moderation in all things.

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    I have had the same pRobles myself. honestly I have an overbite that I have monitored for years as I have pretty much not sucked my thumb for just 5 years ( I'm 27) apparentlyrics your okay withe the paci unless you are some one who sleeps with one all night and clamp down on it. I woke up 2 days ago and my left front tooth refused to make full contact when I bite down. having an overbite means I basicalay have to push my back teeth slightly forward to have correct( enough) allighnment. I've memorized the process and it's limits. I basically had to hold my thumb to the tooth with force to correct the fluke and now am scared to death to use a paci... my advice to you is to brush your teeth focusing gently on the gums as well to make sure the gums are healthy and have no give. Don't sleep with a pacifier in and do research on the best shape to reduce stress on teeth of the product. no one even knows I have an overbite and I can put at least a pinky finger in the space between my front and bottom teeth so a little bit of a shift is okay

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    I've been using pacifiers since I was born (I'm 19 now). They have messed my teeth up quite noticeably. I have a strange arch between my front top and bottom teeth which makes them unable to touch. Every time I go to the dentist they always just assume I've been sucking my thumb (until my mum embarrasses me by telling them I use pacifiers... thanks mum).

    I'd say be careful with the cherry nipple ones. I'd recommend orthodontic pacifiers. I've used cherry nipple ones my entire life and they have ruined my teeth but then again... that's with 19 years of use.

    I'm going to get my teeth fixed later this year and will (sadly) be moving away from cherry ones and forcing myself to use the orthodontic ones which help prevent your teeth getting messed up.

    As for your teeth hurting... it sometimes happens to me when I wake up and still have my pacifier in my mouth. Sucking on it for too long can cause not only your teeth to ache but also your jaw. I've figured out a technique where I don't completely suck on the pacifier, it kind of just rest in my mouth and my mouth is semi-slack. It stops it rubbing on my teeth. I can still suck on it and get that awesome Satisfaction and relaxation but I just don't do it as strongly as most do.

    But obviously, when I'm asleep, I can't help how I suck on my dummy so it does sometimes cause tooth ache on my front teeth in the mornings.

    I've noticed the problem with ABDLs (this is my opinion, it may be completely wrong) is that they suck on the pacifier really strongly and allow it to move in and out of their mouth, which rubs on the teeth and wears it down. Because they haven't used a pacifier in a long time, they don't know how to naturally let it balance in their mouth without holding onto it tightly.

    Again, it's my opinion. I haven't met any ABDLs, this is just what I see in videos with all of them. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone.

    I hope I helped somewhat.

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