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    Does anyone else have sleep apnea and bladder issues st night?

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    Hi, I replied to your other thread about bladder issues but can't help on sleep apnoea, sorry. Maybe someone else will come along with advice

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    I have both too. Incontinence started before i had sleep apnea. I have a c-pap it made a huge difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamie72 View Post
    Does anyone else have sleep apnea and bladder issues st night?
    I haven't been diagnosed but I know I have it. I just haven't had a sleep study done. I snore very loudly and my wife says it sounds like I can't breath at night like I'm dying and then I'll gasp for air. I should probably get it looked at.

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    No apnea, but Interrupted. I wake up several times each night needing to pee. Each time I just use my diaper without even moving, then try and fall back asleep.

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    I just got diagnosed with sleep apnea and have OAB I don't have night accidents right now but when I was younger and slept good I'd wet the bed 2 times a night this happened into my late 20s.I'm afraid when I get the machine on 3 22 17 I'll start wetting again I stay diapered at night because some times when I stand up I lose control.

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    I have sleep apnea and sleep with a CPAP machine/mask. Before the machine, I wet my diaper while asleep a few times, but I don't seem to now. I've noticed that I sleep deeply while on the machine and I either don't dream very much, or don't remember my dreams. I usually wake up when the sun comes through the windows and I take the mask and go back to sleep. Then I'll dream and remember them.

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    Hi, i also have apnea and have used a cpap machine since 2012. My bedwetting issues shortly after i started using the machine, i realize that it usually works the other way, where the wetting issues stop, but for me thats when they started, and continue to this day. It's not often that i have an accident, but once or twice a month is enough for me. Also i pee a lot anyways at night and having to get up multiple times while trying to fall asleep just makes it that much harder to actually sleep so I usually end up just using my diaper every night, which has helped me get to sleep or more easily fall back asleep when i only partially wake up at like 3 am to wet my diaper. Cpap is a great help, even if it does cause me to need diapers, its better than less sleep or very poor sleep at that.

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    To the post above that is what I am worried about

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