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    Default Question for Canadians...

    Hi I'm a Canadian and I am curious as to where other Canadians get their diapers from. I used to buy Tranquility ATNs at Shoppers and have recently started driving down to Everett to buy at the ABU warehouse. So where do you buy or order your diapers from? Just considering my options. Thanks in advance

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    Default or are two of the best that I order from.

    Not so much to buy in a store unless you were near the rearz store in Ontario.

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    I've ordered from Agecomfort, Healthwick, and ABU. All worked out well!

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    I usually get my goodnites from any grocery store or shoppers. I will buy sleep pants at walmart and considering i live in the Toronto area, ill1 make the occasional trip down to rearz to get more expensive ones.

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    I just made a big order through Rearz for the first time and was really happy. Came in discrete packaging and everything.

    I've also ordered through B4NS before, and they're great too.

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    Age comfort is in Toronto and you can order online and pick up at the warehouse if you want. I deal with them and Rearz a lot. BTW I am in Niagara Falls.

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    Thanks for all of your suggestions. I wish I could go visit the Rearz warehouse but sadly I'm on the other side of the country, Vancouver.

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    I say check out Rearz, there's times where they have discounts, like Safari being $20 off.
    And they are just really good

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