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    Hello i'm Almar. I've joined this site to hopefully get some help about my Diaper Fetish. Why do i love diapers? Well, when i was 11 or 12 i started bedwetting again, and was getting sick of cleaning my bed everyday, so i started to look for solutions online. One solution was Diapers, so the next day i snuck out to the grocery store to buy some protection for the night. I was really stressed for what the store clerk would say, but i took a deep breath and got the job finished. The night after i got 1 diaper out of the pack. (These were pullups) and got in them, they were really comfortable, i didn't think they were uncomfortable but the feeling they were so soft. Well the morning after my mom woke me up, i got dressed and got to school. When i was sitting in class, i suddenly realized i was still wearing a diaper. I was really scared to stand up and be humiliated if one of my classmates would see that i was wearing a diaper. At the end of class, i got to the bathroom as quick as possible and took em off. Not seeing a trash bin in the bathroom i decided to flush em down. It didn't end well. :/ The diaper got stuck, i decided to just close the lid and hurry back to class. At the end of school, i got home and saw that my mom had cleaned my room. I wished she hasn't found my pullups, i wanted to keep it a secret, when i opened my drawer they were still there. Hoping to find a better place to store em, i opened my speaker box, or Bass box. and hid them inside. Every saturday i went to the grocery store, and bought 2 packs of pullups. It wasn't that hard after a few times. 2 months after, my mother wanted me to come and have a family meeting. She told me that she had found my pullups. My heart rate went up to 600 or something, i felt like i was gonna pass out. She told me she understood, and she would buy pullups for me instead of letting me pay for it. That was a relief that she wasn't gonna get mad. After some time of wearing diapers, it became my hobby. I googled why i liked diapers, and Diaper Fetishism came up. 2 Years after, bedwetting stopped. But i didn't want to stop wearing diaper. So i faked bedwetting. I'm currently 17, haven't wore in a while. Gonna try to wear diapers to Denmark this year. Any suggestions? Please don't hesitate commenting.

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    Welcome! It's great to hear you parents were supportive.

    You said you were hoping to get some help, I think you'll find a lot of really nice folks here.

    What are some of your other interests? I'm a typical sci-fi anime gamer nerd boy...

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