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Thread: Does anyone else wish Diapers could cover even MORE of you?!

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    Lightbulb Does anyone else wish Diapers could cover even MORE of you?!

    This is going to sound weird so brace your selves! I think its safe to assume that every one here loves diapers, being diapered, the feeling of how it encapsulates the crotch & how comfortable it feels! But what if I told you that there's a new design of diaper that is shaped like.. lets say.. Bloomers?!

    So you'd have an inner pouch much like the normal shape Diaper, but any leaks that are discharged, would seep into the outer later; all plastic backed! Wouldn't that be cool?! That way, you wouldn't have to worry about butt leeks, overflow, and... you'd be able to sleep on your side! A Huge deal for ANY person who uses incontinence for what ever reason.

    You'd have 3 Tapes up each side.
    -1 at the top for waist adjustment.
    -1 at the middle for adjusting the thigh tension.
    -And last but not least, you'd have 1 at the bottom to assist the elastic as a last barrier.

    Naturally, the level of SAP & Fluff are balanced to avoid sagging when wet.
    And I calculate that it would be almost 3 times more expensive than the average diaper unless any creative solutions are designed. BUT.. It's an idea!

    I want to know you guys thoughts on this, & whether you like the idea of being extra-padded at night?!

    Feel free to add anything to this idea for practical applications. And who knows? If enough people are interested in this solution for the biggest problem with sleeping on our sides, we could pose it to ABU or someone supportive enough to look at it.

    All ideas are crazy at first!

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    Google for an image.of the maximum absorbancy garment " used by NASA

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    Why not just make a disposable premium diaper with padding all around? This way, if side sleeping, you would be protected (like a cloth diaper does). To me, it would be cheaper and less complex to design.

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    This post must have struck a nerve with me because both responses so far were things I thought of immediately. I'm sure we've all wanted a disposable diaper that had absorbent material everywhere, but of course that's just not practical. Those of us old enough to have been raised in cloth diapers already know the joys of all-over coverage. And if you've ever seen the MAG, you know you wanted to try it. I can't imagine what each one costs, but I'll bet it's a pretty penny.

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    Uh no. Covering my nether regions is good enough for me.

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    My interest in them as an iconic ideal makes breaking the mold unappealing. The idea of a full diaper suit intrigues me but it pushes different buttons and it's obviously impractical and I don't think I'd want to use it if it did exist. I'll stick with ol' reliable.

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    The price alone of what you propose would sink the product ,the ABDL budget just doesn't exist for such a thing , it would require a new machine being made to produce and that costs a bundle , driving up the cost of producing them ,on top of that those of us that are IC even being DL wouldn't buy them because we know and probably already own cloth diapers that serve those purposes more affordable, reusable and can wash and reuse for years for less cost than a couple of bags of those , even the ABDL companies depend on money coming in from the IC crowd ( that is pretty much why they make plain white versions ) who are fed up with the performance of medical diapers.

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    how about better leak guards and elastic front and back like on drynights

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