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    For once in a long time my little side was in my dreams. Mostly when I dream it's dark and bloody. I often dream of going to war with the world (And winning)

    This time around I was walking to my door and was given a package. I was told I needed new more clothes that fit with everyone. opened the box to find several different kinds of clothes. There was some graphic t-shirts and other common clothes. As I dug deeper into the box I noticed that they all had snaps. They were all babyish, but some were more discreet about it. The pair I liked the most was a set of baby shortalls. Before my dream ended I saw who gave me the package. It was my imaginary mommy.

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    I had a diaper dream just last night. I don't have a lot of them, but every once in awhile. In this one, I was a teenager, having Christmas with my family. My mom and dad seemed anxious for me to open a package. When I did, it was diapers, and even though I wanted the diapers, I was embarrassed. Then the dream ended.

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    For me, my last dream involving diapers wasn't a happy one. One repeating nightmare I have involves me being slammed by a semi on the highway to my college. In this dream, I 'woke up' in a hospital bed, legs missing, IV's in my arms, and my left eye covered in bandages. And all I could see as I was there practically just a vegetable, was my mom holding me in her arms weeping as my dad tries to comfort her. The dream ends with the heart rate monitor picking up before one final beep then only silence as I truly woke up from that horrible dream/nightmare.

    Worst part is, I have had about ten close calls with semi's on my way to college because of them either not spotting my sedan when they try to switch lanes, them not fully going into a turn lane, leaving half of their trailer infront of my car with a speeder often right behind me, and even once where a drowsy semi driver nearly t-boned me at an intersection even though I had the green and he was blowing through a red stop light.

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    I haven't had any little side dreams yet and look forward to them. I learned recently that I can bring on sleep by starting a dream, so I visualize familiar scenes and soon I'm sleeping. I like to sleep with a pacifier in my mouth, and before sleep I often visualize myself as a diapered toddler in a crib. Perhaps one such visualization will result in a little-side dream.

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