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Thread: Am I really incontinent?

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    Default Am I really incontinent?

    I really think I am not based on the fact that I can always tell that I need to go, but....
    There are times when I get the urge that I had better not be very far from a restroom, or there is likely to be wet clothing and in a public place this could be embarrassing. I have not talked to a doctor about this as I feel it would mean more medicatiom, and I am taking 12 different prescriptions daily already. I do not want more medications, and would rather go the protection route. Around the house I generally do not wear protection,but when I do, it is usually Always Discreet, even though I am a male, primarily because of the internal leak guards which I have not found in Depends and similar men's products. If I am going to be out and about for more than about two hours I will probably be wearing protection that can vary from the Discreet to Northshore Supreme depending on how active my bladder is that day, and always with a Gary PUL pant for the extra protection.
    So, am I incontinent, is it perhaps a form of urge incontinence or am I just being sensible about it all? Let's get a good discussion going, and all input given, regardless of how you feel about this is most welcome.
    I just read a post by moon728 dated April 2, 2011 called 'Could I be incontinent?' That post is closed and we cannot add to it, but it does make good reading, and interesting points are brought up. With this new post, at least this subject is brought to the top once again. And the points brought up there are just as valid here, so don't be afraid respond.
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    Sounds like overactive bladder symptoms which can result in incontinence

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    I would recommend seeing your doctor and getting an urologist appointment, it does sound like you may have an OAB but only an urologist will know for sure. He will look at the side effects of your current medications and do some tests to determin the cause of your bladder issue.

    its worth getting checked out to make sure nothing is seriously wrong (life threatening) even if you decide like I did to simply wear 24/7 to manage my OAB .

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    Incontinence; *the inability of the body to control the evacuative functions of urination or defecation.

    If you're ending up with even slightly wet underwear or pants, against your will and for whatever reason, then yes you fit the definition.

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