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Thread: Best way to hide the bulge?

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    Default Best way to hide the bulge?

    I have been wearing more during the daytime and have been really enjoying it(No bathroom breaks at work, can go through a 4 hour lecture with a large drink and not leave my desk, ect). So far i been wearing northshore supreme and I never have a leak and they last a good 8 hours even with excessive fluid intake. I have tried thinner diapers such as the ABU preschool and northshore lite and they work just fine, but I dont feel as confident in there ability to not leak as my main concern is leaking all over my chair in class or have wet pants at work, let alone changing at work and in public is a huge hassle all on its own( and with thin ones over 8 hours that could be upwards of twice a day!).

    So the question is, what is your favorite way to hide your diaper bulge?

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    Wearing pants with enough room in the crotch

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    Jockey shorts with a tank undershirt tucked in them so they stay snug. And pants one size larger.

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    I haven't been at this for too long, but I wore a onesie over my diaper today and it worked great. There was still a bulge, but I felt like everything was held in a bit tighter if that makes sense. I use a Confidri 24/7 which, like the north shore supreme, is bulky so I was still self conscious about it. With larger diapers there is always going to be a bulge, but it's less noticeable than wet pants.

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    I'm IC and over time caring less and less about the bulge. I usually wear compression shorts and it works fine. I try to wear pants that aren't so tight as to show a diaper outline. But I can't/won't live my whole life around my incontinence. Sometimes people who are looking are probably going to be able to tell I'm wearing a diaper.

    Honestly even bulky diapers are MUCH less noticeable than you think they are under normal clothes. The key is really not too tight and not too baggy. If you overdo it in either direction it makes things more noticeable or just looks frumpy as hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    That's a cute one. I'll be passing that along to select recipients. ;-)

    Thanks to a member, here, I've recently tried Tena Ultra Stretch briefs and I'm lovin' 'em. I usually add a booster pad plus I wear fitting pants over everything and, not only is it all discreet but it feels great! Anyway, I usually wear Duluth Trading Co. pants that fit loose, anyway, as well as a t-shirt or polo shirt -----tucked in!-----GEEZER ALERT! ;-) Any visible bulge in the front is an added plus! LOL!

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    Onesie/bodystocking, they work so well, Abena make good ones, find a fit and never have to worry again.

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