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Thread: How many of you find yourself peeing from the sound of water

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    Default How many of you find yourself peeing from the sound of water

    It never fails me to wet the instance I here the sink shower creek sprinkler fountain with out notice. Just curious if anyone has this problem I'm incontinent. Thanks goodness for diapers

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    I'll do that when I brush my teeth right before bed. Part of the reason is that I've been drinking cranberry juice all evening and I'm wearing a diaper, so nature takes its course. It does make me feel "little" which I like.

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    All the time, like you in the bathroom with running water, but often when fueling the car

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    Yes quite often. Washing the dishes, cleaning my teeth and yes putting petrol in my car can cause me to wet uncontrollably.

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    Didn't somebody else JUST post about this? I could have sworn I already pointed out this is a natural effect that most every normal person has. It is called synesthesia.

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