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Thread: How to enjoy and get the most out of wearing diapers? Tips and tricks?

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    Cool How to enjoy and get the most out of wearing diapers? Tips and tricks?

    Hello guys!

    I recently got daring enough to buy a pack of REALLY soft and comfy diapers that fits me so damn well. I love it, it's thick and comfortable. For the first time in many years, I rushed to the handicapped toilet in a shopping mall for the privacy, and wore the diaper. Damn does it feel so good.

    After that, I was wondering if people could see my diapers underneath, and it turns out they couldn't really as my pants was pretty loose baggy. I was so excited I bought a few bottles of green tea and drank them all. After some time, I had to let go and let go while shopping around the mall. IT WAS SO EXCITING! I loved it, I never felt this much excitement before.

    I went to the movies and boy was it fun in there. I bought a huge coke and drank it down, then wetted my diaper for the 3rd time. It was really full by then, so I decided to head to the toilet. While walking there, my diaper crinkled and it was so exciting. I went into a cubicle and checked my diaper, played with it for some time and went back out into the movie theater. The 1litre coke finally hit me and I had to release them, but knowing my diaper may leak, I went to the toilet and I peed A LOT. I finally took them out and threw it in the bin, putting on my normal pants and walked out to enjoy the movies again.

    I'm a diaper lover, and buying these diapers that actually fits me, and spreads my leg apart, it just feels so good. I'm new to diaper wearing, what kind of things are fun to do with diapers? At home in private? In public?

    I have 9 more diapers which I lock in my cupboard in my room that I share with my brother. So it is hard to just wear it all the time, I'm also afraid that my family will realize "What happened to his butt? Why is it so puffy suddenly?", so I do not wish to wear it around my family members.

    I find the excitement of going in public places, and WETTING while shopping, or having a thick wet diaper gushed in between my thighs to be a really enjoyable thing. The most important is how it is so exciting to be wearing one, and yet it's so convenient, and yet it's also so comfortable.

    I want to do more of these, but I was wondering what other fun things do you guys do as a Diaper Lover/ABDL/etc.?

    Sorry for the long post, I'm an excited young guy that just got his first set of diapers. Thanks!

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    Usually I get myself a bottle, put on an episode of Blue's Clues or something, and just have at my day like a baby would.

    If I'm not in that mood, I just wear a diaper and laze around the house playing video games.

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    Same here. The best for me is to lounge around my house and play games while diapered. As for outside of the house, diapers are best for anything that's going to take two or more hours without bathroom breaks. Traveling is one, or long days out at an amusement park is another good one too.

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    I have to wear nappies or large incontinence pads as I have little or no bladder control most of the time. I have become very much DL as a result and thoroughly enjoy wearing nappies now. I like having fun with them. I like to wear a nice thick nappy and crinkly plastic pants under my jeans and go about my daily life. Whether people notice I don't know and frankly don't care. No one has ever commented. My friends and family all know I am incontinent and wear nappies and they are fine with it. Only my wife worked out I had become somewhat DL and was actually enjoying being in nappies. She doesn't see it as a problem and says if it helps me cope then so be it.

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    Fabulous this is working out for you.

    Can I suggest to get the most from your diaper after unfolding it you fold it in half length wise (down the middle the opposite of how it come folded in the pack) to activate the channels.

    avoid flooding, trickle out to give your diaper time to absorb.

    if you know you are going to produce a lot and going to the movies maybe use a diaper doubler/stuffer you can discard during intermission and the you potentially don't need to change.

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