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Thread: has anyone experienced hyper spermatogenesis....i think that is what is called.

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    Default has anyone experienced hyper spermatogenesis....i think that is what is called.

    has anyone experienced hyper spermatogenesis....i think that is what is called. i posted this in the mature post so that its a little more appropriate. i started taking pygeum supplements for prostate health and it actually makes you leak like a faucet on precum. But, lately, it has caused me to have shocking nocturnal emissions to the point where it seems like its a liter of semen. has anyone had this issue. i think I'm gonna stop taking pygeum now. i posted a pic. eek of the diaper. I apologize its its too graphic. just need some advice. Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm not a doctor but you should immediately stop taking that pygeum and see a doctor. This is not normal.

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    I totally stopped!!!! Its shocking. I never knew 1 liter of semen can be produced. I think it was some kind of hyper production. I have been off of it for 3 days now and the amount is almost back to normal. Geeze!!!

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    I went to see my doctor and he told me to stop taking it. he says it was more for people with prostate problems. I read on some forum that it stimulates your prostate and i was curious. geeze, it sure does that!

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    Not to make light of your concern for your health, is that hot Kinda want to try it to see if I can make that much!

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    to be honest. you will need diapers because you will dribble precum like a faucet. eeek

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    Well, I guess I know what to do if I want to get a job in porn!

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    its just powerful stuff. like literally, you will ejaculate liters of semen period. the orgasms will last 10 minutes of nonstop waves. its insane.

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    Reluctantly, and I say reluctantly because I was briefly entertaining thoughts of surprising Mrs. Maxx with this.... I'm going to throw the B.S. flag.

    A brief search through normally reliable sources brought no mention at all of this kind of extreme side effect. I assumed liters was an exaggeration, but even 1/10 of that stretches believability past the breaking point.

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    Well, I've seen enough of my more adventurous friends talk up lecithin and pygeum that I can believe someone having an uncharacteristically extreme result from it.

    Personally I'm not a fan of this kinda stuff as I always worry that screwing around with your body too much (especially with the ol' drillbit) is gonna come back and bite you in some way down the road.

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