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Thread: Lil Pawz vs. Safari

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    Default Lil Pawz vs. Safari

    I finally am going to have a solid 36 hours of alone time in a couple of weeks. I'm planning on some ultimate little time and may even go see the Lego Batman movie diapered! I'm about to order some diapers for that time and am considering several options but am probably wanting to try either Lil Pawz or Safari? Price isn't too much of a concern as I'm just buying a bag. In your opinions, how do they face up to each other and what will be good for my rare little weekend?

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    I haven't tried Safari... but Little Pawz are awesome. ^^ They are my current favorite.

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    Personally, Safaris fit me better. I favour the plastic more. It's smooth, but still has a bit of texture to them. They also swell up nicer. That being said, I'm pretty sure they hold about the same amount. However, although the print is insanely cute and babyish, I wish it came with fading prints like the Little Paws do.

    It really just comes to up personal preference. They're both amazing diapers.

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    I've only tried LittlePawz (I have Safaris, but I'm saving them for when I have more time alone), but I would assume Safaris are better. But its like comparing [luxury product] to [competing luxury product], and most people won't notice a huge difference.

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    I have never tried LittlePaws, but I really like the Safari. They are out of some sizes though in some of the packs so you may want to try the Princess version, which is essentially the same diaper. I have used both and they really waddle and have a high absorbency capacity.

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    My friend gave me a couple of both brands and I love them both just wish I could afford them as he was lucky enough to be given 3 packs of both

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    I have yet to try Safaris but I'm a big fan of Little Pawz.
    The fade when wet pawprints are extremely fun.

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    I was at the ABU warehouse on Thursday and they are currently sold out of the Little Paws in every size right now...

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    I've never tried Safari diapers, but LittlePawz are my absolute favorite diapers to wear, the design is fantastic, the fit is great, and the fading paws on the diaper are the icing on the cake. I don't think you can go wrong with either one though.

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