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Thread: Are fetishes psychically good for you?

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    Default Are fetishes psychically good for you?

    I read a great article about fetishes being good for you, and it even mentioned diapers!

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    I find it really interesting that diapers aren't framed up as odd in this article. It's kinda nice to not be put in the weirdo camp for once.

    I'd say that fetishes--like anything--can be bad for you if you allow them to control your life. If they are all-consuming and keep you from living a full and productive live. If they keep you from being open to healthy relationships with others. But if it's simply one facet of your sexuality, I can't imagine why fetishes wouldn't be healthy stress-reducing goodness.


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    I have to agree. Sexual fetishes can definitely be a health part of one's sexuality.

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    Well, exercises triggered by fetishes have been proven to be physically healthy. So by transitive property, yes.

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    I would add that it depends on what the fetish is as some are illegal to practice like voyeurism or necrophilia.

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    depends on how it effects you... some can get you to be more outgoing... some can mess you up. Diapers can make people more confident... or they can make them withdrawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    depends on how it effects you... some can get you to be more outgoing... some can mess you up. Diapers can make people more confident... or they can make them withdrawn.
    Absolutely. It's all in how you process the diaper(or anything else) fetish. One of the biggest turning points for me and diapers and mental health was when I stopped associating diapers with withdrawing myself from the entire universe. That definitely got me messed up in the head, so I thought diapers were the problem that needed to be eradicated, but then over a period of time I realized that wasn't the case. It's more about understanding the self and how the self is constructed - it's something I learned to understand an academic level and on a spirituality level. So I don't think it was a sense of diapers making me more confident, but I became more confident in who I am and the fullness of myself as a sovereign person. Thus, I realized I can have a diaper fetish and not feel ashamed for my soul or anything, which used to be the case XD

    That being said - I love when diaper fetishes get a mention in not ABDL specific articles. Makes me feel like we're a little more mainstream.

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    All I know is that since becoming incontinent, dependant on nappies and then becoming unashamedly DL as a result I am such a more relaxed and contented person. My wife noticed this too.

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    Without getting into a long lecture on psychology I can say that sex is considered by many as a basic need. If our need isn't being met "properly" we will get it met however we can. It is also extremely common that fetishes are a result of early childhood and sometimes early puberty environmental stimuli or conditioning.

    I couldn't resist going into a psychology and physiological look into fetishism if you really want to read more hit the button.

    Now, my 2 cents:

    While modern psychology is quick to condemn fetishes as negative behaviours, it is my personal philosophy, despite statistical reports (which I believe are inaccurate due to denial and shame), that everyone has some sort of fetish. If it doesn't harm anyone or anything, then yes I would say it is a good thing. In all things moderation and safety.

    To simplify...What Quesadilla said.

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    I don't know if fetishes in and of themselves are "good" for you. I'd think that not repressing a fetish is good for you though. I think 99.9% of people have one or another kink, even quite vanilla people. Letting that out, exploring it a bit and having fun with your sexuality is a good thing and likely healthy. Bottling things up under layers of guilt and shame probably are not good for you. On the flip side, letting a fetish take over to the point where you can no longer find enjoyment and fullfillment in "normal" sex is probably not a good thing as it would become detrimental to relationships.

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