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    Default always picked last.

    A Depressing aspect of me is while growing up, I was always that kid who was picked lassed, or never had a "partner" for whatever stupid activity is going on.

    I used to get told off for that too from memory, we had one of those stupid rules if your partner does something stupid you're responsible, and I was always paired with some asshole who would refuse to do the work, or better yet (a bit too slow) but that was because NO BODY wanted to work with me or be with me.

    A shitty part of my life was that in primary school, I was that kid people stole all my pencils from, so I would end up every day being in the class walking around asking 30+ people to borrow a pencil, most "not having one" until the teacher told me off and told me to stop losing my pencils even though they were fucking stolen, somehow someone was stealing my pencils without me knowing, because I would go to the toilet, come back to find that I'm missing a gluestick for example.

    A sad thing about me that I've never mentioned here is, I've never had anyone love or treat me nicely, sure I've had friends but at the end of the day somehow they end up turning against me and hurting me even more.

    Nowdays I have no friends, and I'm lonely as fuck It's very depressing when you're isolated and treated like shit by both parents.

    Sorry had to get this off my chest.

    Evertime I had a freind, in the end I would always get scared and hurt on the inside, mostly betrayal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binary View Post
    A Depressing aspect of me is while growing up, I was always that kid who was picked lassed, or never had a "partner" for whatever stupid activity is going on.
    Didn't have that problem in the classroom, but on the playground I was always last. Nearsighted but not yet knowing it + two years younger than my classmates = you don't want me on your baseball team.

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    I know that feeling. I loved dodge ball but almost never got picked for any teams, so I'd get stuck doing nothing interesting. Same with tug-o-war.. I was good at that too.. I always tried to be cool/friends with the "unpopular" crowd, had more fun that way and honestly I'd never felt more comfortable, but it led to tons of bullying/bullox from the in kids.

    All said and done from start to finish I got to play a whopping one game of tug-o-war for my school and we lost miserably. Felt good! lol

    Early school years suck. So little attention was paid to the important aspects of growth and social interaction. All focused on cramming that book in without enough attention to what really requires development and isn't available easily to us later on. Think similarly to how learning a second language is easier when you're young. Brain isn't quite as receptive to those types of things in the later years.

    It's still something I'm working on as a person. I treat every social interaction as if I were acting in a play. How can I play my character best in this situation?

    ..Not ideal, but it works for me..for now. It takes the edge off of it being me interacting, and allows me to act without actually feeling the repercussions to myself, which in change bypasses some--I'd venture to say a lot even.. of my anxieties. Leaves you feeling empty sometimes, though.. As if you're just an actor and there is no "you." I'll blur those lines someday though.

    In time, I think when you have an actual, true friend, and not just one in disguise or one there for their own benefit or means, you'll grow past the hurt and feelings of betrayal. It took me all 27 years and I have a whopping two people I would call true friends. Differentiating between acquaintances and true friends is very difficult! I've hurt myself ( and others.. ) many times failing to see that differentiation.. I've taken those two through hell and high water, by my standards at least. They're still here as much as they ever were--and that's how I know. I'll never be without them.
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    I was quite the hellion in school... and if a teacher accused me of "losing my pencils" when they were being stolen, I'd accuse the teacher of stealing them and demand them back! I never had any friends in grade school and I honestly don't care. I have developed a mean streak and I'm not afraid to use it. It's part of my personality now. Sometimes, people just need to be bludgeoned into understanding things.

    P.S. I have no intention of betraying you. Just saying.

    EDIT: The conversation would have gone something like this...

    "Obviously YOU stole my pencils to instigate this very argument (hope you're enjoying it). Why would you do that? Why do you want to lay blame on me for your own actions? It seems to me that you just have an ego problem and want to blame others for what you've done. What's your freaking problem??"

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    I always shifted as a kid. I had friends, but I was weird, I was friends with popular kids for some years, and with middle ranged kids I guess. I was mostly in the middle, people liked me and left me alone for the most part, but I had friends, some stopped talking to me in high school because I wasn't too into drinking my Brains out and getting stoned everyday after school, meh. I guess at some point I was always picked last, but I matured rapidly and eventually everyone followed, so it wasn't a huge deal I guess. I don't think about my early school years much.

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    I was always picked last for sports activities ... and with good reason. I am the type of person that might run the wrong way. XD

    When it came to group activities (nonsport related), I was often picked as quickly as possible because whoever got me on their team it was almost like a guaranteed "A+".

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarchinBunny View Post
    I was always picked last for sports activities ... and with good reason. I am the type of person that might run the wrong way. XD

    When it came to group activities (nonsport related), I was often picked as quickly as possible because whoever got me on their team it was almost like a guaranteed "A+".
    I was still picked last for "intelectual activities", for some reason, the class decided I was retarded or slow, but whenever I was picked, the person thought I was smart, and forced me to do all the work, being too much work for younger shybug.

    This lasted into high school, but mostly due to the grading system being somewhat rigged, if you have a disability you're put on this thing which makes modifies the grading so it's a lot easier for you, for some reason even though I was on one, the grading system was harder for me than everyone else which I never understood. I obviously stopped trying in high school and said fuck it, if I'm not getting recognised for anything, get fucked. Why put so much effort in work if you're always going to get a C while some idiot with half a brain gets straight A's on garbage that you can barely understand, and even his spoken language is terrible, image trump limited speech, but purposely grabs a dictionary and uses words that no body fucking uses in real life, just so he can appear smart.

    Obviously the class "genius", I used that word lightly, had his grading completely rigged, so he got treated as a class genius because he can talk bullshit and talk his way out of anything to give you an idea of how fucking rigged his grades were, image this. (it mostly had something to do with his parents and the school image) trust me the cunt gets everything he wants.

    My work is supposedly a C or a D standard for some fucked up reason, even though it beats the shit out of the rest of the class, while this guys work is worse than mine to the point you can't even read the shit he is writing, makes no sense and it's obvious that he should be in the "special class" guy can't even remember basic things that happened during the day or grasp anything simple.

    Guy still gets praised in front of me like some kind of super genuis, I'm a bit egotistic when people do shit like that, I don't care if someone compares me to someone like john carmack and say his smarter obviously he is, but you don't compare me to an idiot, and make out that idiot is some kind of genuis when he is infact "the slowest in the class" I used to be best friends with him, and the "genius" compliments really got to his head. He doesn't read anything, watches youtube videos and just copies what they say to make them sound smart, no clue how the fuck he passed high school.

    I was even put in slow classes at one point, which really pissed me the fuck off, yet I'm doing fucking uni I'm one of few doing uni in the entire class that graduated yet I'm the fucking slow one according to that school. It was fucked.

    Tafe is where I really shined, teacher actually treated me like a "genuis" didn't force me to do work, let me do it all at the last minute because she knew I could pass, talked in class all the time, didn't study you know what I got for all my cisco exams? and all my networking exams?


    You know what he got, he was struggling, had no clue what he was doing, had to repeat the test 3 times.
    70.2% which is a just a pass.

    Rest of the class got 45%

    He made out he got the highest grade in the campus, funny thing is I never told him my grade, otherwise he would go cry and make out its rigged and go to his parents.

    Rest of my exams and work, I put the BARE minimum effort and got about 80% which is a pass, while this kid was struggling for days, pulling all nighters and getting his friend to help him.

    I've seen people in mainstream classes that I count as stupid, you know the classical blondes who come from rich families, who don't know what the colour red is, yet somehow I'm slower than that lol.
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    I was like that as well, particularly for sporting stuff. I hate that kind of team selection, makes me feel like I'm in a 1970's middle school baseball team.

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    I was always the last kid picked in sports, and it really was no wonder. I was terrible at the team sports like baseball, football, and soccer. The sad part about it is that sports in school are supposed to be about teamwork and achievement, but the way they're structured in school, they can just tear a kid apart. It reached the point in high school where I got a lot of detentions for skipping gym class because I couldn't face being on another team where I was either getting laughed at or berated for my pathetic attempts to fit in and try my best. It really hurt.

    It's funny because when I got into high school, we had an annual track and field event with a number of races of different lengths. I discovered I was a pretty good runner and for the first time in my life, I was in demand as all the jocks wanted me on their team. Unfortunately, it was only an annual event so I only got to excel in a sport once a year. In later years, I took up long distance running and became a marathon runner, making the top ten list of local runners.

    I just wish schools would recognize that not every kid fits into the mould, and rather than have them feel left out in the usual group sports, that they could help them identify their different talents and help them flourish in areas where they can excel.

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