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Thread: Traveling in Diapers

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    Default Traveling in Diapers

    Does anyone travel in there diapers on planes or car trips? How many diapers do you keep and bring when you travel? Do you ever change your diapers on like the plane seat or plane restroom? Do you change your diapers while your family or friends is in the car? Has anyone, like siblings or friends worn a diaper with you while traveling?

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    I'm incontinent so I have to wear nappies all the time. I usually bring one or two spare nappies but if I am lucky I don't need to change. If i need to change around my family I just say I need the bathroom and take my nappy bag with me but around my best friend I just say 'I need to go change' or 'I have to change my pullup/nappy' and go to the bathroom to change

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    Default Do the math - bring 6 adult briefs per day of travel

    I must use adult briefs for bowel and bladder voiding. I use 5-6 per day including night and maybe a change of a bm in the middle of the night. If your trip is a week, that 42 taped briefs - usually two bags. I bring the two bags in a a larger carry on along with other supplies.

    If I leave home for less than 30 minutes, I bring one spare small brief with a travel pack of wipes.

    If I leave for the day, I bring a diaper bag with 3 or 4 different briefs, wipes, bags, plastic pants with snaps. I change standing and I suggest using seni or lille cloth backed briefs so the change is silent in the bathroom.

    I wear suspenders while travelling to hold up a heavy brief.

    If I am really desperate and have a full wet brief, I have changed myself outside on the street.Click image for larger version. 

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    The new northshore briefs are great to travel with and apply standing and to change immediately when too wet or soiled.
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    I nearly always travel diapered. No you do not change in the plane seat? Would you otherwise get undressed there? Troll post. If I was on a longer flight I'd definitely think about changing in the bathroom but usually, I just wait until we land.

    Wear diapers all the time driving (just did 46 hours of driving in five days). Change in the rest room on the food/gas stops.

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    This question has come up a number of times. I'd suggest you do a search on it.

    And yes, any incontinent person who also travels is likely going to wear a diaper.

    You take with you as many diapers as you need, plus enough extras for those just in case moments. Do not change at your airplane or car seat, that would be rude and indecent. You use the restroom of course, which yes on a plane is crammed but doable.

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    Im a frequent traveller, business. For longer trips I have a large suitcase with a bag of diapers, sometimes two bags if the journey is longer. Also always a cabinbag with 4-5 diapers and extra clothes. Just in case they misplace my large suitcase, then I have my cabinbag as I regard as my emergency bag. Once I was travelling to China the connecting plane was late, and my suitcase came after two days, was it not for my emergency case I couldnt have continued. Being incontinent doesn't leave you much choices......I have had to change in small stalls well knowing others could hear both the crinkle from my diaper and the new fresh diaper as well as tapes. Also changing on planes is something I have experience rule of thumb plan according to your trip, only bring premium diapers and boosters with you, you know can last long, because you wint allways have the freedom to change a wet diaper due to meetings etc. Heavy diapers last longer, takes up less space and gives you the needed time.

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    No, I just tell my incontinence it has to wait until I get back in town...

    Anyways, I usually figure out how many I **should** need and then I pack a pack more than that. So like if I'm out of town for a weekend and I usually go through half a pack in a weekend I'll pack two packs. Even premium diapers sometimes you pull one with a defect in the plastic or you end up popping the tape off while trying to secure it.

    I wouldn't change in plainview of other people like in an airplane or something, that isn't appropriate and you'd be asking to get a public indecency citation. But on the flip side I won't go out of my way to hide my stuff either, especially on trips because that'd be a huge hassle to try to hide that from people you're rooming with at a hotel. Never had anyone take issue with their being a pack of diapers next to my bed in the room.

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    I guess I should mention this- again. When flying, pack all of your diapers in a separate bag. Airlines will allow one free checked bag as long as you declare whats inside the bag.

    Do not put anything else in your bag though, or they won't accept it as medical.

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    I usually take a bag with me, because once I went to the doctors and there was a blizzard that closed the road , I got caught short on diapers, went to the store and all I could get were those crap depend real fit , on the ride home once the road reopened I wore five of them on top of each other with a diaper over all ,everything got royaly soaked from my pants to my tires , do I vowed never again, in summer I will only carry like 6 but for winter I take plenty of everything to make sure it doesn't happen again, I was more angry than embarrassed at the shit products they sell in stores, there is no freaking reason to handicap the handicapped.

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    I shall be travelling to the States in nappies later this year.

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