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    Life is just changing so fast ... My parents are getting a divorce. Im doing my best to handle it my dog died 6 months ago . its just hard life seems to speed up and fall apart. I just cant deal with my parents anymore . im trying to buy a house while all of this is going on and thats a load on my mind. Ive been trying hard at work to get a raise but a but a buisness deal might fall through and my boss is on edge and hasent got back to me about it. Im thinking i will have to work 50 or 60 hours a week to make bills. Ive just finally woke up and relised all the bad things about my parents and its killing me. Its just all of these things are a reely big and hard dose of reallity just wish i could shrug it offf and let it go and move on i guess i just need more time?

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    I guess im just looking for advice

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    I know this advice is given a lot but it does help. Consider professional help.

    This is not the same story that I went through, but there is a lot in common.

    Work yourself to death, take care of everyone else and for me it was just wanting to take a bottle of aspirin and never wake up.

    I know the last part is not what you are saying but the story line is there.

    Do what you must, but make sure you take care of you first, then help the others around you.

    Good luck.


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    Ya life sucks but not that much im just in a stressful place ready to move onto the next faze of life one step at a time

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    hey Trump, first off, let me just say I'm sorry life is getting a bit fast for you, secondly, I have to apologize for what i'm about to say next.

    if you are looking for genuine sincere advice, you may be putting up some walls with your screen name with some users who may be able to give extremely helpful advice, ((assuming, with your sign up date, that It's a homage to Mr. Trump))
    And may consider renaming to a homage to yourself?. again, moving right along.

    I understand your looking for advice, and It also seems like there is a lot of "Ifs" in the air for you right now, uncertainty. you mentioned buying a house, and moving onto the next phase in life, what else do you find yourself looking to build in your life?

    you mentioned your parents getting a divorce, and I'm sorry to hear that, are you around them frequently? (I.E. still live with them?) If so then I imagine its a very tense environment.

    sometimes we have to go through a period of working 50-60 hours a week, its tolling, but that paycheck looks nice at the end if your getting overtime, I know a fellow who works 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, 4 am to 6pm when hes on, he loves the time off but the grind he says is almost like not living. Be nice to yourself, and dont burn yourself out too quickly.

    Are you looking for advice on how to relieve stress, or should i say, how to process stress?

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    I second the screen name change. If you're looking for advice and help then it's best not to alienate so many against you just with your name.

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    Ya live at home unsertanty is sertin lol they're throwing away 30 pluss years... But anyway thats said and just about done im just tired of having to be the adult between the 2 at times cant wate to move out and get my own place and another dog ...i mean i dont want my family to change so rapidly or leave my home but i think its time for me to move on ........if u want to give advice sher ill listen im just the type that thinks the world will end in that moment then i tell myself to stop being a pussy and move on this world has no epathy but good people do but they r hard to find in the end dwelling on it forever is depressing so i choose not to

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    I'm sorry all of this is happening to you. I never had to deal with my parents getting a divorce, but both of them died when I was in my 20's. Fortunately I was married so I had the support of my wife. Like me back then, you are at a difficult age, a time when you are trying to get yourself established in your job, find a descent place to live and also find some meaning in life.

    During this period in my life, I was making only a little above the poverty level. My wife had our first child and wasn't working, yet we made it work. We bought an old, two story frame house and I began fixing it up. It was in a neighborhood of other blue collar working class people. My wife and I were happy to have a place of our own, a yard and a porch and it was fun to have neighbors.

    Hang in there and take one day at a time. With hard work and planning, these things will eventually come. I find that sometimes I churn all the worries of the week or month in my head while I'm trying to go to sleep and it isn't healthy. In the morning, I'm able to focus and prioritize my goals. It's not your place to make your parents' divorce easy on them. Don't take sides and realize there's little you can do about this, anymore than I could stop the deaths of my parents. Work hard at your job, but also do some things for yourself on your time off, things that will make you happy. Save what money you can and be patient. That house will eventually come. I wish you well.

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