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    I can only play when my boyfriend is away. We've been together forever, but my diaper fetish is something that I prefer to keep private. I *really* wanted to grab a few cheap diapers to wear and use this weekend while he was away, but every store I visited only had packs of 20+. I hate to buy these, knowing that more than half of them would have to be thrown away, unused.

    Anyone else wish they had smaller packages? Or know where I can find a package of <10? I'd order online, but his trips aren't always planned in advance.

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    You can buy smaller packages at Dollar General. Two in a pack.

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    Hey. If you can't get them online I can't see "offline" stores selling anything but full packs.

    I was gonna suggest you could order from Amazon or eBay and select a "pick up location". In the UK you can get Amazon and eBay to ship things to the post office, a local store or a "locker". Then you can pick up on your terms (doesn't matter if the boyfriend is away). Equally if you order online with a decent courier you can often "divert" the package mid transit for another delivery day or again a pickup location should your boyfriend's plans change.

    That doesn't help you with pack size though unless you can find samples (or sellers who sell samples) on Amazon or eBay.

    Can you not buy a larger pack and "stash" the spares away, like in the attic, the back of a cupboard?

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