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    Default "Hi, everybody!"

    Hello, i'm from Portugal and i'm new here. I love wear diapers and my pacifier. I'm a TB to frightened to say to anyone. I discovered the AB/TB/DL World about 3 years ago, since there i'm envolving more and more on our unknow world.

    I'm sorry for any grammer or writting mistakes :P

    Left Handshake

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    ambidextrous_raccoon returns left handshake and does a jig @ more offworlders joining. (IE not from North America, Down Under, or the UK)
    Yays, welcome to ADISC.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

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    Hey PedroDuarte! Welcome!

    I have a good friend from Lisbon; she talks about Portugal all the time : ) It's always good to have more countries represented on ADISC

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