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Thread: How do you get tabs to not slip?

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    Default How do you get tabs to not slip?

    Hey everyone,
    So I am wearing my ABU SDK V2 and one tab just keeps slipping and losing it's stickiness. I had the same problem last night but I thought that was my fault then. I haven't had this problem before yesterday and today with ABU diapers. I have tried using duct tape and it just slides right out underneath. Got any suggestions?

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    I've had this problem and I was simply in a rush with my tapes, make sure they're flatly adhered to the landing zone if you aren't already and not crinkling up as you tape them. I don't know how tight you like yours, but that can also cause slipping if you're pulling them too tight.

    If not that, you could have a bad lot..maybe contact ABU? I've had to do so with bambino already for the same problems. If you tape them "perfectly" and it still happens, the adhesive isn't up to standards! Is it always the same side/tab doing it? If so, it's more likely to be the latter I guess..

    Hope you get it sorted!

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    Pretty sure it's not me. I just taped on a ABU lavender and it's been fine. Hasn't moved at all. I believe the first one of the SDK was my fault it touched the carpet but the second I am certain I did everything right and it still came off. The next time I wear one I'll know it if was a bad batch I guess.

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    Only got experience of the Abu Simples but I agree that a flat landing zone is needed; if they're wrinkly you won't get as good a stick. Also make sure you press on to make sure it's stuck on and not just loosely applied. I find the Simples are really well engineered - the tapes are practically superglued on once you apply them and they don't move even a millimetre even when you put the diaper on snugly.

    Might be a bad batch; I've had it with Abenas before where they tapes just popped all the time even when not tightly applied. Hope not though

    Oh and make sure you've nothing greasy or dusty on your hands. Baby powder or cream / lotion if it's still on your fingers can be a killer for sticky tapes.

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    Yes, endeavor NEVER to touch the sticky part of the tape to ANYTHING (fingers, etc...) but where you want them to (semi) permanently stick. Get them to the landing zone smooth and press firmly for a few seconds. Some tapes are better than others, the ABU (and many of the "designer") diapers are a bit problematic. At least they are up high on the brief. The ones that I hate are the lower ones like on a Abena that roll and then stick to my leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    The ones that I hate are the lower ones like on a Abena that roll and then stick to my leg.
    LOL. Glad it's not just me. Painful when it yanks a few hairs off your leg!

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    I rub the tapes to heat up the adhesive on diapers with weaker tapes. Plus, it smooths it out to get more surface area

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    Quote Originally Posted by thenexus View Post
    LOL. Glad it's not just me. Painful when it yanks a few hairs off your leg!
    The clue for ABENA is not to apply them in what appears to be the obvious "parallel" fashion but to pull the bottom tabs upward and stick them high and the top tabs towards the lower part. Watch the videos at the bottom of this page:

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    Also in addition to not letting the sticky tape get attached or touch other stuff (carpet, fingers) also make sure nothing gets on the front tape panel. No lotion, no powder, and try to avoid handing with your hands. (especially if you have lotion on them!) Give them a quick circular rub after attaching, and yes avoid taping across creases and folds, so it's all one even stick.

    I pretape wherever possible, which basically eliminates ALL of the above issues, and gives me a more consistent, faster fit.

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    I've dealt with this problem by using packing tape and just wrapping it all the way around the top of the brief. It makes a nice tight fit, but I need to use a knife when it's time to change.

    The problem I often have is touching the landing zone w/ lotion or powder. Using a nitrile glove to apply barrier helps but I'll still somehow get some in the wrong place somehow. The packing tape solves this problem if it happens w the top tapes. Curiously, I've never had a problem w the bottom tapes.

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