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Thread: stupid people & facebook.

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    Default stupid people & facebook.

    Facebook is one of those websites where 90% of the userbase are either computer illiterate or complete idiots.

    I only ever use it for the chat, I can't even scroll down my news feed or even read the comments without my head exploding It's always the same stupid shit, that a person with half a brain would of posted.

    Generally the bullshit I see on Facebook are usually the following.
    Click Bait or Show Eminem this kid honestly who gives a shit, I don't want to know what that person with bum harpies had happen to them once they found a little bug under there nose.

    Crap that just spews out of peoples arses, I can't even comprehend how anyone actually thinks any of it for example.

    Vaccines somehow altering the brain causing autism, when ALL science shows it's a condition you're born with the most logical argument I can come up against vaccines causing autism is, why doesn't it also happen in adults and if it causes autism, why the fuck isn't it causing down syndrome, or other disabilities obviously it fucking doesn't there is no "increase" in Autism, just the diagnosis criteria changed, more people are being diagnosed with forms of autism that have been missed in the past, It's not that hard to understand.

    Kid is dying with cancer, one like equals one prayer, or emotional clickbait no body seems to stop sharing, oh if you don't share this post a demon is gonna eat your babies and kill your family type nonsense.

    Marijuana some how curing all forms of cancer, and big phrama is hiding the truth... right... because every fucking scientist is in with the conspiracy right, remember people in the government aren't some fucking super genuises with IQs of 300 most of them are honestly idiots with no understanding of technology. It may have some medical use, but it's not some fucking super drug, this works both ways, the pro drug movement loves to exaggerate some of the claims, while the anti-drug movement does the same.

    Political crap, oh NASA posts a photo of the sun on there facebook page, the next 1000 comments are generally trump vs Clinton, climate change being some massive hoax, or better yet the Illuminati is controlling the weather and making it rain. and that bush is some evil person who did 9/11 wtf.

    Whenever there is a school shooting, or something on the news people generally make one of three stupid conclusions.
    1. Video Games.
    2. Mental Illness.
    3. The Internet.

    Last and not least, don't forget people who make huge fucking jumps in conclusions, for example AB/DL going from a harmless thing that some adults do, to full on paedophilia and a conspiracy to make people into babies so the government can control the stupid people, what. or this is what teli does etc. Internet makes people dumber, Energy Drinks causing people to die randomly (when 99% of the time it's a undiganosed heart problem) or them leaving out important information.

    The three types of people I hate on facebook are.
    1. The attention seekers, oh I'm depressed I need a hug, oh I have no friends yet you were around partying with your friends making love, getting drunk and having sex, but you've got no friends right...

    2. The overally emotional types, loses a pet, every god damn day all they post about is that pet, every day of the week to the point it gets really annoying. I understand if someone greives for a month or so, but going on about the same pet for years is just a joke, every single day I hear that one person talk about there bunny wabbet that died 2 years ago, better yet the ones who get offended at things that aren't targeted at them, or having a go at random people for nonsense.

    3. The drama queens, making a fuss over issues that aren't even issues, oh someone accidentally steps on your toe, fuck treat them like they just murdered your family why don't you, and talk about them every day.

    4. Morons who think there smarter than everyone else, but while doing so sound like a complete idoit and moron.
    I think that somes things up

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    I hear you. That whole slew of things you just described described most to all that's in my News Feed, too. That and engagements, wedding photos, and actual babies for me, believe it or not. There's so much bullshit everywhere in social media and unfortunately, that's the media environment we live in (See: Marshall McLuhan on Media Ecology, guy theorized in the 60's(?) about how media effects our thinking, still 100% applicable today).

    Especially in the past year with the politics on both side in the campaign and post-Trump inauguration, I have definitely slowed down my engagement on Facebook and Twitter (oh dear Lord Twitter is insane). I've grown to love the Unfollow button on Facebook so much: saves me a lot of the clutter you listed. Though now I only see posts from a few of my friends, it's definitely for the better.

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