I'm thinking Service Dobie. Public access means good grooming. I know a 40 blade is used on the inside of the Doberman ear, and a 10 blade is used from the underside of the tail base, to the docking point. My hands can't hold shears. What blade would you use for the stray hairs on the outer rim of the ear? Does that make sense? What about to trim the extra hair off the docking point of his tail? Don't worry. I won't expose the scar. What blade to trim the flanks, because sometimes there's a stray hair or 2, or 3, or enough to drive me bat poop crazy, there, too. What blade could I use to trim his whiskers, without him looking at me, head tilted, like "Ma! Really, Ma? What'd you do? I'm as bald-faced as a poodle!" Is there a organic shampoo and conditioner in 1, that doesn't contain oatmeal? It's a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates breed yeast. No. . . Just. . . Just, no, unless he only has dry skin, poison ivy, or poison oak. Also is there a such thing as a Dremel with a cord and a guard?