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Thread: Space or Wasteland?

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    Default Space or Wasteland?

    Some Friends of mine and myself met at a bar last night to have "Nerd Talk," and the topic brought to the table was:
    "Which Sub-genre of Sci-Fi/Fantasy is better? Space or Post-Apocolyptic."

    This was in regards to both movies and literature.

    My choice is Space, but only because it's infinite and therefore has more variety. And post-apocalypse can be within a space story.

    I wanted to bring this to you guys and see what your thoughts were.

    Some of my favorite books and movies within these guidelines:
    Dune, Star Wars, Wool, Dies the Fire, Enders Game (The whole series), and World War Z (the book).

    For the sake of argument I will also assert that "Waterworld" is totally under-rated.

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    Oh yeah Star Wars, Gundam, Macross, Battletech and Battlestar Galactica are very space with chunks of post apocalyptic but hard to go past Thundarr the Barbarian.

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    I'd definitely say space by a long shot. While a post apocalyptic based film can be spooky, I've always felt that many spaced themed movies are more successful. Honestly, nothing beats the foreign, cold, quiet, and dangerous atmosphere of space!

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