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    ABDL Brony here. I am a bit on the odd side, male IRL but like role playing as a little filly sometimes... I joined cause I wish to meet fellow ABDL people preferably bronies and stuff. I am into both diapers and age play as well. Dont like messing but wetting is fine. I am skittish about posting too much info that can identify me on forums though as I dont like it to be accessible to the public so I am bit secretive. Being ABDL is my BIGGEST secret, more so I hide it even from people I consider trusted friends, my brother is also ABDL sissy as well as a brony. He's the only person I came out about this to IRL and he came out to me.

    Reason i'm here, find out more about this stuff and read reviews make friends ect. Feel less weird maybe get coping support and stuff on how this works. Hope you guys are ok with me. I am not exactly the most mature being 28 and still acting kinda.. teenagerish. Dunno if my ABDL stuff has to do with the fact that I am immature and "dont wanna grow up" or what but eh Hope you guys are ok with me ^^

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    Hello Trixie and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    You'll find lots of pony fans here! Do you collect any of the dolls? I have dozens of the minifigures... and I finally broke down and got Twilight's old tree house/library in an after Christmas sale from Target!!!

    Any other cartoons or other shows you like?

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    Well yeah I have a bunch of plushies actually, I have some hard toys too.

    Other cartoons eh? Well I liked the old Sonic and Mario cartoons and comics, also into other shows like Star vs Forces of Evil which is good fun as well.

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    Oh yeah, Star vs Evil is pretty great too!

    MLP plushies are great, but if I started collecting those too I'd run out of room!

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