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Thread: I'm new to ABDL stuff. I feel really strange about it.

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    Question I'm new to ABDL stuff. I feel really strange about it.

    I'm new to this stuff. I live with my parents so I have to be very secretive about it.

    Luckily for me, I actually have special needs (that's a weird sentence, I've never really been thankful for being disabled) and many of the things that I need for my special needs is quite baby like. I have special sippy cups because I can't use normal adult cups and my parents bought toddler sippy cups because they are cheaper than the specialised ones for adults. I have a bed guards as I always roll out of my bed without it so my bed feels like a cot. I have loads of toys and my parents aren't bothered by that because my mental age is something of a 12 year old (a smart one, I'll admit ). I have special cutlery and bowls that look like a bigger version of a toddlers due to the fact I find it hard holding cutlery.

    I've also used a pacifier since I've been born and I was never able to be weaned off it so seeing me walk around the house with a pacifier in my mouth is the norm.

    I only learnt about the ABDL community a year ago. My parents and I watched a documentary on ABDL and they seemed quite weirded out by it saying things like they aren't right in the head or that they are disturbed. So of course, my immediate response was to be disgusted with myself.

    I honestly don't know why I enjoy being treated like a baby... it's something I've always liked. When I was 10 and was still having to use diapers during bedtime, instead of being embarrassed, I enjoyed it immensely.

    I've had a good childhood, nothing really awful happened to me besides some severe bullying during my school years. My parents treated me brilliantly. I never felt like I wasn't given enough attention growing up, in fact my older brother and sister were lovely to me and fed me my food when I was a kid because I had issues holding cutlery.

    I'm just very weirded out by this. Any normal 19 year old would be mortified by being treated like a baby...

    Anyway, I'm sorry for the long "rant". I'm just very nervous and know nothing about this commmunity. Also, I'm very confused.

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    If it were as easy as saying "don't feel strange", you wouldn't be here. But, that's how you *should feel*. Perfectly fine!

    It's nice to meet you, I'm a Little and by nature a bit of a DL. It's good that you can have the things you have and not be criticized for them! I'd take that as a biiiiig plus that a lot of us don't have the luxury of.. No one outside the community right now really seems to be very understanding, and that's perfectly okay. We're free to be whoever we want to be regardless of the social norms, the first step is breaking out of those and realizing, you're perfectly normal. We all are. Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't!

    As for being nervous, that's also pretty normal. I made a few posts when I first joined here not too long ago. I'd suggest collecting your thoughts, what's bothering you, what you can discuss amongst others, and just get into the community a bit. Everyone here at ADISC was helpful to me and my fears, concerns and anxieties. You just need to know where you stand so everyone else can help. Feeling strange, feeling anxious, feeling confused is totally normal. Give it time! Lots of articles on the website you can use to brush up on what's going on. Stick around for a bit and you'll be okay in time. :>

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    What are some of the other things you like to do for fun?

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    I felt really strange about it for a while too and still do a bit if I'm honest. A lot of people insult us and think we're weird, so it takes time to get over that and be accepting and comfortable with yourself. You'll get there. Don't worry about what your parents say, people will always put down things they don't understand. Or perhaps on some level they're even jealous of being pampered and Loved in that way, who knows? Just remember to Love yourself! ❤

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    At least you're in good company on this site as we've all had to deal with accepting ourselves and how we feel about being "little". Considering your disabilities and having a history of wearing diapers, you might have a surface discussion with your parents concerning how you feel. You don't have to go to deep in this first conversation, and see what they think. You can always back out by saying it was just a feeling, etc.

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    Well this community is great, we all support each other, and feeling strange abould beeing an TB Little is normal, but as you accept your Little side, it becomes easer.

    And welcome to the tree house.

    Hee, hee


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    Hello, Welcome to the community.Im a 19 year old mommy to my 20 year old little.Ive been a diaper lover for about 8 months.I honestly had no clue there was a community of people that enjoyed this.I didnt find out until I found out my fiancÚ was one.I honestly was upset and weirded out it was to the point we were gonna breakup but ive learned to accept it and I actually love it more then he does.I know some people many look at what we do as not "normal" but who cares we are not hurting anyone or ourself.It has actually benefited me in many ways as well as my fiancÚ.People are gonna do what people do they are gonna hate but you have to learn how to overcome it because your happiness is more important than theirs.

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    Why do you have to hide it? When life gives you lemons then you learn to like lemonade. And when life forces diapers and sippy cups on you, you learn to like being an ABDL.

    I know you said your parents were weirded out by that documentary. However, how was that documentary presented? Was it biased as some sort of abnormal thing, or even presented as some sexual fetish. If the topic of ABDL in general is not approached correctly then yes it will weird most everyone out (which is what gets good tv ratings and the reason we are so misrepresented).

    I'd highly recommend you do some serious research and try to fully understand what this is for yourself. Next, write up a letter to your parents explaining it as best as you can. Be there as they read it, and answer any questions they will have.

    If you do this right, then there is absolutely no reason why you should have to hide this part of you from your own family. Just make sure you also tell them you won't be sticking it right in their faces too. Only that you don't want to stress out any more over having to hide it.

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    It's very common for handicapped people to regress a bit especially growing up. As it is sometimes easior not to grow up....... I new a dwarf growing up. And she posed and passed as a child all the time.. for her it was just easior to let people assum she was alot younger then she really was. And her parents payed the child rates to boot

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