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Thread: How did you get started with ABDL?

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    Default How did you get started with ABDL?

    Hello everyone! I was just curious on how other people became DL or AB.

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    How about you start with your story? it's only fair the topic starter go first, no?

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    I..don't feel like I ever "became" or "got started", for as long as I can remember, even as a child, I enjoyed diapers. I honestly believe it's just something I was born into this world with. It's never changed. My earliest memory of it, I was only 5. I used to tell mommy I was getting them for my stuffies..

    As for Little, that's different. I've only really embraced that side of me recently. Sadly, it came fully due to extreme stress and life conditions..and abuse, but I'm thankful I'm able to be myself and the jarring things I dealt with put me more in touch with myself as a person and my wants instead of always hiding it away or having no balance in my life, ya?

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    Like gigglebutt (love the name) I've always had an interest in diapers, and have accepted that side of me for the last 20 years or so.

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    I've had these interests my entire life but never had a name for them. For the most part they were extremely secret little quirks that I was too embarrassed to look into.

    I've always been jealous of young children and babies and was always interested in using things related to that stage of life and feeling the innocent joy they feel. I had a pretty standard childhood I suppose. I was a lonely kid, but no abuse or any of that. I remember being a kid and really wanting to try my younger relatives' pacis, bottles, and diapers but never tried because I'm a bit of a germophobe plus was too afraid of being caught. The first time I used diapers without needing them was age 11 when I took one of my grandma's adult diapers and tied them around my waist. My grandma would get them for free and didn't need them so she'd give them out to others. That's still not an excuse for my behavior I know, and I regret it, but what's done is done. Anywho~ for many years between ages 13 to about 20 I didn't have too much urge to wear but I still loved playing with toys and such and still occasionally wanted to experiment with other baby things but again they were never more than passing thoughts. The urges didn't ramp up until I had an accident leaving me 5 months bedridden at age 19. I still feel the effects of that and have trouble walking very often. Lost my job, still unemployed, had to abandon my plans of moving at the time, no insurance so piles of medical debt, couldn't afford physical therapy, and had to slow down on my education. A year later, I fell into a severe depression over the loss of independence and normal function of one of my legs. I was desperate for something, anything to take the pain away and longed for the days when I was young without a care in the world. Summer 2016 is when I learned about the ABDL scene and I've been hooked since. There's just something about the mindset that makes the world seem less dreary you know?
    I told my now ex boyfriend of 7 years about the lifestyle and he was repulsed by both it and me. Over the coming months we drifted apart and he started cheating and broke up with me to be with this other girl. It hurt, and my self esteem took a beating, but I knew it was for the best that we went our separate ways.
    Fast forward a bit, and I was talking to an old online friend I was very fond of; venting really. Long story short: I told him I was an ABDL. And to my surprise, he was always secretly a daddy! What are the odds? What started as platonic daddy/little back and forth eventually blossomed into a relationship. We have met in person twice now and I have plans to go see him next week as well. As time passed, he has really helped me come to terms with who I am and I'm very much an AB / DL / Little and proud to be so. I love the lifestyle and wish less people saw it as a taboo but I doubt that'll change any time soon.

    I cut out a lot of details for the sake of keeping this brisk. But the shortest way I can summarize:
    I've always been into this secretly and an accident 2 and a half years ago kick started my current involvement in the lifestyle.

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    That is a long story.

    So to keep it simple. I was put back into diapers by a babysitter for whatever reason. After that I always had a fascination with them. By the end of my first year of high school I was wearing every chance I could which got me into a lot of trouble with my Dad. I ended up moving out of his house and in with my Mom who gave me much more freedom and she actually supported my wearing diapers. She thought it was Paraphilic Infantilism, thus a fetish, which should be embraced not shunned. My diaper wearing wasn't sexual.

    Joined the military and always kept a couple in my pack for "combat life saver" purposes. Back when they were still plastic backed they where great as a quick go to for dressings. Of course, they didn't need to know I also wore them.

    Recently I spent a couple of years doing psychological recovery work to move past my PTSD where I discussed both my gender dysphoria and AB lifestyle. I can easily point to a few defining events that got me started down the AB road. I could do the same with my gender dysphoria. Point is I graduated that program, and my PTSD is a lot better. I still think I was born the wrong sex and still love my diapers.
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    I'm the youngest child in my family (don't know if that actually means anything, but whatever). For whatever reason, we had a diaper left over from my toddlerhood when I was maybe 5 or 6 or so. I asked my mom if I could put it on and she laughed. She let me. After that, I had this lowkey obsession with diapers, always wanting to wear one again. It never really went away. When I was in seventh grade, I realized there were people like me. I bought a pack of GoodNites from the nearby grocery store, put one on, but then I just couldn't bring myself to actually wetting them.

    I let it hang dormant until my freshman year of college when I was feeling down, so I ordered a pack of GoodNites again. I wore them practically 24/7 for a week and loved them. I learned how to wet myself and discovered I hate pooping myself (though every so often I try again, thinking *this* time I'll like it). Since then (now in my senior year), I go in and out of having diapers on hand, but when I have them, I wear them at night for an hour or so before bed and then fall asleep, wetting myself on purpose at some point in the night. It's a great life.

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    Was weaned off paci's forcibly (my folks tell the story of how my grandma bribed me with a toy because I wouldn't give it up, then I had a breakdown when I realized she got rid of all the paci's). but never thought about baby stuff it 'till my tag along brother came along. I'd wanted a sister because I wanted to play with Strawberry Shortcake and Little Ponies...

    He certainly got lots of attention as a baby, but it was a CareBears TV special with baby bears that made me feel 'funny' about diapers. I tried to stuff my underpants with toilet paper...

    In highschool I discovered I was sexually attracted to the cuteness of anime and was very confused and conflicted about my attraction to it. In college on usenet I discovered grown women dressed as babies and was aroused and fascinated. I bought adult diapers and shaved myself for the first time. I crossdressed a bit for the first time then too.

    After graduating I discovered what the sissy fetish was, and for a while I fell hard into being obsessed with that. Diapers came back into the picture and I bought my first AB items.

    Through it all I hated my weird impulses, and would regularly purge and feel absolutely disgusted with myself.

    It was only after being married for a decade that I shared and started to accept this all, started to enjoy the regression in a non sexual way (also not instead of), and discovered the pure unadulterated joy of nommin' on a paci!!!!!

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    I was in preschool and I was leaving with my mum one day but as we were leaving she started talking to someone else. I started talking to another boy who was still inside the preschool but could see him through the mesh fence. He was telling me about how he still had to wear nappies to bed each night. I don't remember much else except for the fact that I was envious and curious, wishing that I still had to wear nappies to bed like him. That is my earliest memory of wanting to wear nappies. Since then I had an obsession, I would draw nappies dream about them and I would leave little notes or catalog cut-outs of nappies trying to tell my parents that I wanted to wear but either they weren't listening or thought it was a joke. I suspect the latter because one day (can't remember how old exactly but pretty young still) I was going to tell them the truth, my sisters had gone over to the neighbor's house and I had left a note about snugglers nappies and wanting to wear on the chair where my mum was sitting and found it. She asked me "is this a joke?" I was about to respond with "no" but at that exact point my sisters came back into the house (the neighbors weren't home) and I wasn't going to say this in front of them, so in a last minute decision I changed my answer to yes. Well let's just say they didn't take my notes seriously anymore and my mum would get angry if she kept seeing these "nappy jokes". Well the thoughts began to slowly subside for a while after that and it was quite a few years before the urge came back again not until my early teens. But anyway that's how I "got started", for me it was never something I chose it was always something that has been with me from my earliest memories. It is a part of me. My parents still don't have a clue.

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    Like the Lady Gaga song, "I Was Born This Way", that's almost true in my case. When I was four years old, I was running around the house one evening and saying "da da" over and over again. My mom repeatedly told me to cut it out and act like a big boy. I continued and she finally said that if I continued, she was going to put me back into diapers and if I thought she was kidding, she still had my diapers. That's all it took and I knew I wanted to be back in diapers. I stopped saying da da because my parents were having company over, but the thought about wearing diapers never left my mind.

    Like other have said, I'd constantly dreamed about finding diapers and wearing them. If I went to the grocery store or a variety store that had diapers, I'd get excited about seeing the diapers. Back then there were cloth and plastic pants. Some of the plastic pants were blue, yellow and pink and some were for girls with ruffles. I loved all of them and wanted them.

    When I was in junior high I had a psychotic break when my parents went bankrupt and had to move. It was that year I began to wet my underwear on purpose and it all began in earnest. Later I would buy diapers and I've never looked back.

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