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    Default Mental Switch

    In more recent months, I've noticed that my body almost has 2 modes.

    The first is if I'm not wearing diapers, in which my bladder acts 100% normal and I have full control over it.

    The second is when I am wearing a diaper. It seems that while padded, my bladder is a lot more relaxed. I don't have any control issues, but it is somewhat easier to voluntarily pee, regardless of what position my body is in. It happens both if I've regressed or not.

    I'm just curious, but has anyone experienced or is anyone else experiencing this sort of "mental switch?"

    (As far as I know, this could just be pure nonsense on my part.)

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    I believe this is referred to as "Diaper Dependency" you mentally become comfortable with diapers and thus have an easier and more relaxed bladder. You're in the mindset of having control outside of diapers. Many do not get that as they just go 24/7 thus never getting out of diaper dependency, and having that "switch" so to speak on mentally at all times, and when they are eventually not diapered, they find out the consequence.

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    I guess what I'm referring to more of is two different states of mind and being, where my mind and body operate differently depending on whether or not I'm diapered.

    I apologize if I didn't better clarify.

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    I find wearing one lets me be more relaxed and I have less issues with feeling like I need to go

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    I definitely agree! Sometimes I wet almost subconsciously when I'm in a diaper.

    Though when I sleep in diapers, I don't really wet the bed but I wet always my diaper in bed, when I wake up in the middle of the night or right when I wake up in the morning. After a couple days of sleeping in a diaper, I definitely get used to it - which is a problem when I stop for whatever reason. I've mistakenly created a wet mess of my bed due to grogginess. So who knows, maybe I actually need to sleep in diapers

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    I too have a "diaper mode" and the transition is pretty much perfect. I like to think of it as being "diaper-trained". 83

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    I'm pretty much "diaper-trained" too.
    I've notice I have the urge to drink more water, and my bladder seems to be relaxed. And my bowels tends to become more reaxed as well.

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    Yep, same here. Once I'm diapered it becomes much more of an automatic reflex for me to just let go. But when I'm not diapered (unless I'm having a bad OAB day) everything works as normal.

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