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    Red face I'm the girlfriend of a DL

    I posted my confession almost 2 weeks ago now (copied and pasted right at the bottom if you missed it. My girlfriend really wanted to share her side of things which I only just read 5 minutes ago myself. She wanted me to post it straight away so here you go:

    I'm the girlfriend....

    So, you've read above how I learnt about my partner's interests. I wanted to share my perspective on all of this for two reasons. Writing this is helping me to process what is happening and what it means but it will hopefully also help others in some way.

    About two weeks ago my partner and I were dealing with some other issues that were happening in our lives. He and I talk all the time. It's one of our greatest strengths as a couple and one of the reasons our relationship is rock solid. We got into a long conversation and it led to me sharing some secrets with him. Nothing incredibly exciting or taboo but just some things I had never told anyone before. The next thing I know, he is telling me that he has a secret desire that he wanted to share with me and he told me that he likes wearing diapers.

    The concept was completely foreign to me. I had heard about men that wanted to be like babies but didn't know about just wearing diapers and that there was a difference.

    To be honest, my instant reaction was almost one of relief. I had no idea what my partner was going to tell me and so I thought of all the terrible things he could possibly be about to say that were so much worse than this.

    He seemed so relieved when I accepted his news with no hint of negativity or rejection. It was still sinking in but I knew that this was not something that was make or break for our relationship. I just wanted to know more about it - mostly I wanted to know why. What is the attraction? How does it all work? Is it purely sexual? Where does this desire come from? Do you use them for their intended purpose or just wear them? Am I meant to wear them too?... I had so many questions and he was prepared to answer them all as best he could.

    I consider myself to be pretty conservative but when it comes to our sex life, I think I am pretty adventurous and open. I have some clear boundaries of what I would not do and I am open to trying pretty much everything else at least once. I was willing to give this a go.

    I felt certain that it wouldn't be pleasurable or exciting for me but I was ok with that. It wasn't something that hurt my feelings or I felt really negatively towards so I was open to it. I also could see how much it meant to my partner - not because he so desperately wanted to use diapers but because it was something so sensitive that he had kept secret for so long. I can't imagine what it took for him to tell me his secret. The hardest part was telling me. Trying it out was the easy part.

    A few days later, I went out and came home with a packet of diapers. I still didn't feel like I was really interested in incorporating diapers into our foreplay but I was excited to surprise my partner. I knew that me initiating it would make him feel more at ease and let him know that I was ok with giving it a go.I haven't for a moment felt like this would take over our lives so I have no hesitation when it comes to incorporating it into our sex life. We talked about it so much that I had a really good understanding of how my partner wanted to use diapers and I was reassured that it was the same as any other toys that we use in the bedroom. We use them from time to time but we are still able to enjoy 'vanilla' sex too!

    A few days later, we tried using them for the first time. We were in bed touching each other then he got up and went to the wardrobe and came back wearing a diaper. I knew I was ready to try it out and wasn't hesitant at all. We continued with foreplay and he continued to wear the diaper during sex. He was blown away and I guess for him it was something he had always dreamed of and couldn't quite believe it actually happened. For me, the pleasure did not come from the diaper but from knowing that my partner was fulfilling a desire.

    The other night we were enjoying a few drinks at home and letting our hair down. I snuck inside and slipped on a diaper under my dress. When my partner started kissing me, he didn't know that I had it on. His hand slipped down just below my waist and he felt the diaper through my dress. The expression on his face was priceless!

    We've used the diapers a few times now. I enjoy seeing my partner enjoy using them. I still don't find any pleasure from wearing them or him wearing them but the intensity of the sex that follows is pleasurable to me! I still don't understand the attraction or desire around using diapers and that's ok but I certainly am not doing this reluctantly. Relationships are give and take and about accepting each other for who you are - warts and all! I can't imagine having such a strong desire but not being able to express that to the person I love so the least I can do is be open to accept my partner in every way.

    I still ask so many questions and I may never fully understand it. I feel a bit silly as I really don't feel attractive at all wearing the diaper. I feel like I look ridiculous but my partner was so turned on! I just took a deep breath and went with it. I've been honest with him the whole time about how I feel and this has really helped us to be able to continue to explore this together.

    Original post below.

    Talking Confessed to my GF last night!
    150% True!

    I have wanted to tell my girlfriend about my interest in diapers for a few months now. We have had the most amazing highs and some of the most stressful lows that anyone could imagine and we have got through them, each time coming out the other end stronger and more committed and in love with each other. I knew that I would eventually tell her, but had no idea when or how, but I did feel as though she would be open as we have a pretty wild sex life already!

    I have been dropping subtle hints about adult diapers for a while now, sort of testing the waters, to see how she would react. For example, she went on a recent long overnight bus trip and was complaining about having to use the toilets and I told her she should just wear a diaper, she laughed and said she would deal with it. We were in a pharmacy and I often joke around while shopping and handed her a packet of incontinent diapers and said she's getting older now and she once again laughed and put them back. We watched some documentaries and there was a segment, that I didn't know about in advance, about adult babies and we talked about it and I tested her opinion compared to other fetishes. There were several others but they were the main ones and they were all met with positive reactions.

    So there I was laying in bed with her last night and we were talking about how amazing our sex life. I said how I couldn't believe some of the things we have done and that I never would have thought I would be able to actually live out some of these fantasies. She then shared something that she had done on her own before we met that she had never told anyone about. I felt like the trust between us had never been stronger. I knew this was the opportunity to tell her about my interest in diapers. My heart was racing!

    I started by telling her that I also had something that I have never told anyone before. She paused and turned around to face me with the biggest look of excitement and openness to hear anything. I was so nervous, I started by telling her some of the things it wasn' cross dressing, being a gimp etc. I then said that I didn't want to be an adult baby...but...I am interested in wearing diapers.

    The look on her face was priceless. I knew straight away that she wasn't disgusted, angry or hurt. She said she had heard of people wanting to be adult babies, but when I explained that I have no interest in this and just wanted to experiment with diapers she was intrigued and started asking the normal type questions...history, why, how does it all work, how come you never tried them growing up, why have you kept it a secret??? As we talked I explained that the ultimate for me would be for her to help me put them on, include them in foreplay sometimes or let me sleep in them. While I was on a roll I also floated the idea of her trying it once, which is common when we share a sexual fantasy... a don't knock it until you try it sort of thing, and she is open to this down the track. She has been really honest about how it probably won't be something that turns her on but she thinks she will find it enjoyable to watch the pleasure it will bring me.

    So here I am sitting with her writing this post (her idea) first ever after spending almost 2 decades reading other people's experiences good and bad and never thought I would be able to write my own because I would never share it with anyone.

    Now to start shopping!

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    You are an amazing girlfriend. Most of us just seek acceptance from our significant others, but you went above and beyond and actually participated with him...just for the fact that you knew he liked it. My wife had a very negative reaction when it told her. She threatened to take the kids and leave because I must be mentally unstable. She is a little better now and knows that I wear, but I have to do it in private and never around her. I still have to hide my stash and I can never talk to her about any of it. She wants to live as if it doesn't exist.

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    You are more precious than jewels. That you are not only accepting but you have been initiating just to please your boyfriend. He should express his love for you everyday and never let you have the slightest doubt about how great you are.

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    Gosh. When I read your boyfriend's article I didn't believe it. It looked like a very nice story - the one's someone makes up and dreames about... You are the happiest couple. Lucky one's.. I'm jealouse at some point. Just don't over do it... Wish you best.

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