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Thread: Moving in with roomates soon; how to be super discrete?

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    Default Moving in with roomates soon; how to be super discrete?

    Hello! So I am moving in with 3 roommates soon; we are getting our own house each of us with our own rooms and I was wondering what ideas you could have for being discrete? Like how could I store all my adult baby and diaper stuff without worrying they'll ever find it; and how do I go about diaper using and discarding? I am purchasing a pad for my bed that is washabl so if I ever leak sleeping i'll be safe there but I want to be able to hide it so well t hat I could be cooking in the kitchen, peeing myself, and someone walk into the room and not be ableto notice. Thanks!

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    I moved in with a roommate not too long ago. Here would be my suggestions.

    1. Ask them to respect your privacy. If your door is not open it means they are not welcome in your room. ( if your bedroom door has a lock, lock it)
    2. Get glad secented plugins. They make your room smell great and cover up most odors.
    3. Buy a storage container to put in your closet to temperarly store used diapers and then when no one is home take them out to the trash. (the container will also help mask any odors until you can dispose of them.)
    4. Keep all your diapers and baby stuff in a box in your closet. No one will ever question it. They will just assume its stuff you never unpacked.
    5. As far as using in more public spaces of your house like the kitchen or living room as long as you are wetting they will probably never notice. Just wear something tight over the diaper to reduce any noise it will make and wear baggy clothing over it and you will be good. (before living with my roommate i did all this for years while living with my mom, sister and brother and never once got caught)

    I hope this helps some.

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    This is good advice. I would add get suitable bags for used diapers -unless your trash goes down a chute or into anonymous bins used by many residents. People do sometimes look in bins and they might put 2 and 2 together if they saw obvious adult diaper waste.

    If you pee your diaper in company, the only person who will know is you -unless you get embarassed or flustered and behave differently in a way that draws attention to yourself. I wouldn't worry about noise - thousands of incontinent people lead active lives and pee in their diaper in all sorts of situations without anyone ever knowing.

    Modern diapers are quiet and as long as you can trust what you are wearing not to leak it should work out just fine.

    Just bear in mind the habit waist bands of diapers have of getting exposed when you bend down-i have to wear 24/7 in a responsible job so am very careful about this as the most times I have spotted another diaper wearer is when the diaper top showed.

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    Storage trunk at the foot of your bed with a lock if you can squeeze it in and long baggy tshirts help hide when wearing but be careful when cooking!

    Otherwise be out and proud!

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    Only one thought game:

    Are you sure you want to hide this aspect of your character this way all the time?
    It would demand a price you'ld have to pay every single day, caring for your privacy, living with rising fear of getting exposed.

    What about outing yourself indirectly?
    Prepare outing yourself in a way your roommates would accept your crazy way the fast lane.
    I know it hurts a lot at first.
    Not better one time intense and beeing free all the other days??
    Think of this possibility. It would be like paradise being accepted from these three - I'm sure for that.

    Think of a strategy showing who you are, without confrontating them face to face with it.
    Maybe a bambino diaper (sweet thing) accidently spotting under your pillow close to your childlike sleeper and your teddybear?

    What would you think from their point of view? How would you feel from their perspective ?
    Wouldn't you be interested in getting to know more ?
    Why not playing a sweet (lovely) game hiding your little side in a foolish way?
    Then you're on winners side from the beginning and never have to fear their glances anymore.
    Then you may enjoy their nosy questions and believe me, they'll be ashamed of asking you for further more info. You may turn the spit like this.
    Maybe one of them has simliar feelings.
    Please think about it.

    I've done this trick with my friends, parents, neighbours, etc...
    No one is pointing with his fingers at me.
    They're getting ashamed talking with me and I'm becoming more self confident - Yeah!
    I may break their heart with just one grin
    It works and it's great. Look:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Teddy helped me a lot with it:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ich und teddy.jpg 
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    Everyone likes teddys!

    Life is too short to be afraid like this baby!
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