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Thread: A unique Situation--I now own hundrds of Diapers and misc

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    Default A unique Situation--I now own hundrds of Diapers and misc

    So about a month ago, I purchased a storage unit at an auction,

    Cleaned it out and got everything home, and I now own literally hundreds of Adult diaper, mostly homemade...Diaper covers...and Dresses, bonnets, burp cloths..etc

    Almost everything would fit about an XL, with the diapers varying due to having Velcro... so they will fit multiple.

    I have been selling them on ebay, but I am just curious if the community knows of any place else that I could list them, or anyone that buys in bulk..

    I am open to any and all suggestions!


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    throw up the ebay link here I'm sure someone around here will take them off of your hands. I've been looking for a good cloth diaper myself.

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