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Thread: An Idea for an ABDL environment

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    Lately, with economic uncertainty, as well as left-over anxiety from the 2008 housing market collapse, there seems to have been a trend in the sale and use of small, mobile houses. I'm not talking about trailers or campers; I mean, actual really small houses on wheels. I just saw a video of one on Youtube not too long ago.
    I was thinking, though. Someone who is AB/DL could get themselves a small portable house like and wear openly inside of it. What I mean is, these small houses could make really good places for AB/DL little spaces.
    Any thoughts on the matter?

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    I've been well aware of the housing crisis and the tiny house movement. From my understanding, many of these tiny houses are environmentally-conscious, off-grid dwellings which wouldn't be too suitable for one or more people who like wearing disposable diapers that pollute the environment. I get what you mean about wearing openly inside it, but can't you do that in a private house as well? Maybe my reasoning about the matter is kind of flawed, but to me, it just doesn't seem necessary.

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    Why a small house? Seems silly and impractical to me. (little space doesn't actually mean you are little you know thats why adult babies spend so much time making oversized crips and high chairs ,hard to change in a cramped enviorment, why does it need to be portable?, room to keep supplies)

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    Unless you have a little house in the backyard of your big house. Then it might be like having a doll house you can play in. I've seen elaborate tree houses for adults as well. I wear cloth so a washing machine and dryer is a must.

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