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    Default Privacy Concern

    I live in a relatively rural area of the world, where there are critters that roam the area. This morning, on my way to work, I drove by someone's property, where I noticed that their trash cans had been knocked over, contents spilled out. Obviously, some wildlife creature had decided to have a feast there, or at least get nosy.
    I was thinking, though, I regularly throw out my used DL product. I double-bag it to make sure that what is inside is absolutely secure to keep myself private and also to seal in the smell. But I am worried that some raccoon or bear is going to come by one night and get into my trash can, and that my double-bagging will not be enough protection. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could ensure that I can better protect myself in this way?

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    No one will give a second thought about your trash contents.

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    I have always used a freezer bag and then a shopping bag, freezer bags contain all of the smell. With a dark shopping bag the contents are totally hidden and it would be unlikely that an animal would pull so much of it out that people would know what it is. I would think worst case the animal would shred the diaper so much that nobody could tell what it was without picking it up and studying it for a little bit.

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    There is no diaper shaming police. Nobody cruises trash cans to out ABDLs.

    You'll be fine. Relax. Enjoy yourself.

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    I know these kind of thoughts.
    Too much hiding myself makes me sick! <crying>
    I've changed my mind and doing good.
    Most people may accept very fast.

    Also I guess our community doesn't need to hide in this forum anymore. We're living in 21st century now. Things are changing, but some things will never change, I know.
    I'm aware of possible consequences for you my dear fellows.
    I don't want to force anyone (and I cannot too), it's your own decision.
    But for what reason are we afraid ?
    We don't have to be.
    We do not do anything illegal.
    But we fear discrimination and bullying.
    A great roman teacher sayd:
    Invidia gloriae comes est!
    It means:
    Splendor comes with enviousness.

    And this will never change.

    We're beautiful minded people and do not have to hide.
    What if the flowers on the grasslands would put their heads into the ground, by fearing vermin?
    Then there would never be a new generation of flowers because no good insect would be attracted of them to preserve the Circle of Life.

    Believe me: our community would grow alot if people become more aware of it.
    Autonepiophilia is NOT a desease, also like connected characteristics as diaper fetishism.
    Many more people are feeling this way but never had allowed themselves to run free with it.

    I also thought about not posting photos on this forum, but changed my mind.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    With Love.

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    people generally don't look at whats in your trash... unless they have issues. In which case you have bigger issues related to them. Never had a raccoon root threw my diapers though... granted the only time they got in the trash we had corn cobs in it.

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    I've been putting diapers in the trash for years and I've never had a rip open. We have raccoons, possums and the occasional bears. Still, it can happen, but people are going to think someone is incontinent, not AB/DL. Very few people even know we exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    people generally don't look at whats in your trash... unless they have issues. In which case you have bigger issues related to them. Never had a raccoon root threw my diapers though... granted the only time they got in the trash we had corn cobs in it.
    Uhm... My neighbour (old women) looks every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleFellow View Post
    Uhm... My neighbour (old women) looks every day.
    I hate yo break it to you, but she is probably senile.

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    I echo the advice from others that it's very unlikely anyone even pays attention. But if you're nervous, you can probably get a more secure garbage can put in front of your place. They have bear proof ones in some places like in the mountains, where there's basically a little cubby with a metal cover and one of those metal hook latches where you have to squeeze it to undo it. So a bear and other animals can't get into it. If you also bag it so it doesn't smell strong, there's your 100% security, since they wont' be attracted to it and won't want to deal with the bother.

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