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Thread: ADISC Personality Types?

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    Default ADISC Personality Types?

    Hey guys!

    What I've found interesting about the diaper community at large is that many (if not most) seem to be rather introverted. I'm an ENFP and 7w6 on Myers-Briggs and Enneagram, respectively, with an 80th percentile or so on the Extrovert dimension, so I feel like I might be in a minority... not a bad thing b/c I love people in general, but just interesting to notice.

    Though I guess it kinda makes sense, as diapers don't really seem to be a thing most of us do with others. I definitely don't anyway.

    So anyway... any of you have personality types? I love 'em all

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    I'm also an ENFP 7! I just took then enneagram. I remember when I took the Myers-Briggs I was really close to the center on intro/extrovert though. By like 10 points or so. So I'm closer to an ambivert. I love being around people and it gives me energy for quite a bit, but afterwards I need time to myself as well. I need both I guess.

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    Nice to meet you, personality twin!! I think ambiversion is just kinda part of being human! I know I need time to myself more often than I think I do; I just usually think the better measure of intro/extro is "in which situation do you go crazy faster?" ...for me, that's no question, I definitely go crazy faster alone haha

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    Nice to meet you too! ^_^ The opposite is true of me, I'm actually more extroverted than I think I am. I spend a lot of time by myself, and I don't really go out that much. But, I've realized that even when I'm not actively hanging out with people I'm still with them. I live with my family so I'm usually around at least one of them, and if I'm in my room I'm either texting my friends, facetiming my cousin, or posting on fb, this forum, Tumblr, wherever. I'm rarely ever truly alone. It's a pretty interesting revelation. I think I'd go crazy being by myself too long for sure.

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    I sometimes get INTP.
    But the latest time I took it I got INTJ-T

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    I'm INTJ-T taken it twice and got the same result. It describes me mostly well except for a few things but that's expected I'm pretty introverted and don't like spending too much time around people hence why for me forums are better as I can choose when to reply or when to join in.

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    Anyone have a link to participate in the inclusion game (sorry too fortified to google.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argent View Post
    Anyone have a link to participate in the inclusion game (sorry too fortified to google.)
    This one tends to be a good one.

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