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    I have noticed quite a few differing opinions on diaper wearing, such as where and when, as well as how often; also mention are things like how secret to keep the behavior and who to tell, etc.
    So I would like to offer my two cents on some of these matters, and feel free to agree or disagree; but here are my opinions as follows:
    1.) We all have experienced anxiety over our desire to wear and carrying out the wearing desire, especially when it's our first time doing it. But don't ever feel ashamed of it. Like, never. Really, there is nothing wrong with it. I do it, and enjoy it; and if there is ever a pill to cure diaper-wearing desires, I will not take it. Satisfying the desire is more beneficial than harmful. For me, it brings on a form of meditation. With yourself, have no shame.
    2.) While you should not be ashamed of yourself, you should take care to protect yourself and this personal information. Do not let this information pass to someone you would not trust with the information. This applies especially to the workplace, if you work in a non-ABDL environment. Yes, it is okay to be open about your ABDL desires, but, especially now that some of us are living in a potentially politically hostile environment, be very, very careful with who you tell. Protect yourself.
    3.) Where to wear: I basically wear in a place where I know that I have sufficient privacy. With me, I live with a family that is pretty tolerant and accepting when it comes to issues like LGBTQ and transgender rights, etc. but as far as I know, they do not know about by DL desires. Because of this, I remain in my bedroom with my door closed when I am wearing. If I ever step outside my bedroom while wearing, I cover up sufficiently. And I almost never step outside my house while wearing. If I ever do, I cover up sufficiently.
    4.) Who to tell: Tell only someone who satisfies two requirements: 1.) He or she demonstrates being open and accepting of such things as ABDL 2.) He or she is trustworthy when it comes to keeping your private information private. Once again, protect yourself.
    5.) When to wear and when not to wear: Variety is important when it comes to keeping our ABDL desires stimulated. I think that the best thing to do is actually make a long-term plan for when to wear and not to wear. For me, I have planned to go through 11 cases of Bambinos. I am on number 10 right now and am about to break into my final case. After that, I am going 11 days without wearing, and probably another 3 days after that. Then, I will begin wearing again. For those who are incontinent and cannot take breaks, I would perhaps rotate between multiple brands of wear.
    Once again, these are just my opinions on the matter. And I would like to leave this up for discussion and debate. If there is anything you would like to say, please feel free to reply to my thread.
    In the meantime, I wish everyone a good night and a Happy Valentine's Day!

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    This is a nicely detailed post that shows many of my own thoughts on wearing.

    My fetish was always something I wanted to eradicate, but I've embraced it and have fared a lot better with it.

    I still live with my parents, and won't be moving out anytime soon. I only keep my diapers in a drawer, and open it when my door is closed and locked.

    I've never brought up any subjective opinions on diapers and the like if it pops up in conversation.

    I only take the diapers to and from my room in my backpack, as with powder and oil. I only wear them in my or my sister's room.

    I wear them only on Thursday nights because the garbage goes out the next morning (no lingering stench) and my mom takes Fridays off (no driving her to work). Though I may want to eventually space out my wearing periods, I still feel I need to satisfy my sexual urges.

    Though I told both my parents about my fetish a few times in the past 5 years, they told me to keep my feelings to myself because I'm an adult. Now only my psychologist knows the full extent of it. Nobody else knows anything as far as I know.

    I've only gone out and bought diapers when I know nobody would catch me doing it (my parents left one night to see Wicked on Broadway, which left me with the house to myself).

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    Great post. There is no reason to be ashamed of wearing or using a diaper anywhere or anytime.

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    A very useful and well-written post. Many thanks to the OP. I cannot agree more with the part about being careful who you tell, and so forth. Discretion is definitely the better part of valor. As for me, I have been diagnosed incontinent by my general physician three years ago. I ostensibly wanted to help people out, so I posted my own advice on my Facebook page, replete with a picture of me wearing my diaper. When I was being considered for an important position as organist of my local church, one of the church board members found my FB post. I was told that "I could have chosen a more dignified picture," and I was quite literally required to e-mail the church board explaining why I wrote that post on my Facebook page, because it "would likely make the decision to hire me go quicker." So, in essence, I was criticized and censored for writing an innocent post about incontinence (and particularly because I chose such a candid picture of myself), and then, in essence, blackmailed into explaining and defending my position in order to be hired. This was basically tantamount to unfair and illegal hiring practices, though I did e-mail the church board, because it served my better interests, and I was eventually hired permanently by the church. Still though, it just proved the point that discretion is definitely called for when discussing or revealing that I wear diapers. Fortunately, ADISC provides a safe, confidential outlet for discussing such things, whereas social media such as Facebook is too puiblic, and runs the risk of causing public censure and scandal, as it did with me. I do not believe that I have a diaper fetish, though I must admit I derive a great deal of psychological comfort from wearing diapers, as well as the obvious functional requirement of wearing them because of my urinary urge incontinence. I completely agree with the OP: protect yourself. Do be careful who you tell, and how you share the information that you wear diapers, regardless of the how, when, why, and wherefores of wearing them. I believe that it is essential that you protect your privacy in this regard, because the world is very unforgiving, especially lately. In a perfect world, we who wear diapers should not have to worry about what people think and do to us because of them, but they do. People can be very mean, judgemental, and evil, sometimes unintentionally, but quite often, and more than not, intentionally, and with malice aforethought. Thankfully, I have a close circle of friends that not only know about my need to wear diapers, they have seen me wear and change into them, and they are totally supportive and accepting of it. However, for the vast majority of people I know, I have now learned the hard way that discretion is definitely a very good modicum to maintain. Thank you to the OP for the helpful opinions and advice. Hopefully this post will help out many people who are struggling with acceptance regarding their diaper wearing.

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    PS: This whole thread has caused me to really re-think my online presence, and especially here. So, I decided to anonymize my signature, in favor of a much less revealing one. My avatar will remain the same, however. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Thanks to the OP for posting this thread. I found it very helpful.

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    Definitely! I think a lot of people feel that heavy guilt or shame associated w wearing at first or when they were younger. No reason to at all! That phase will pass eventually.

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