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Thread: I'm I The Only One?

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    Default I'm I The Only One?

    Do Any Other ABDL's Wish And Pray That They Could Be A Real Baby Again For At Least A Little While? Forever Would Be Ok Too!! I Do.

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    Not me. There are plenty of adult things I like doing. Being able to add baby activities to that is more, but being only a baby would be much less for me.

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    I think it would be interesting to be a toddler for a few days, just not forever. Besides, you would grow up anyway and go through all the crap that we've all gone through as kids. But having some power to morph into a toddler and then out again would be fascinating, especially to see the world again with young eyes and having the sensory experiences of a toddler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    babys can't drink beer, so no
    Ain't that the truth?

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    Yes. For a few days and then switch back to adult. I would not want to be baby forever. I like some adult activities-driving a car and drinking coffee. The idea of shrinkable body when you feel little sounds interesting to me-more you feel little-more your body shrinks.

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    Do Any Other ABDL's Wish And Pray That They Could Be A Real Baby Again For At Least A Little While? Forever Would Be Ok Too!! I Do.

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    Hi BabyDavy

    The great thing about being a Little is that we have all the Internet of an adult with the heart and playfulness of a child.

    I have often wondered what it would be like to wake up in a child's body, and still have the knowledge of an adult,

    Would I have to go into care and back to school and be treated as a child. Or would I still go to work and have adult responsibilities?

    As for giving stuff up I thing I would be OK with it knowing that I would have them back as I grow up again.

    Any way one of the thing I have learnt by accepting who I am, is to live for today or to live in the moment. This may sound strange coming from someone who enjoys regressing in to Little Space.

    But it is there that I find I live for the now, where my hopes and dreams, are released for being lock away by the adult world.

    Robert Kennedy asked this quistion.

    “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

    Hope that makes sense to you little one.


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    I wouldn't go back. Being an adult baby is the only way to feel like a giant. If I were a normal baby I wouldn't be a giant.

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    I don't think I'd go back, there's too much freedom in being an adult. But, I think having the ability to shrink when you regress would be amazing.

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    I would absolute love to experience being a baby with my present mental abilities unchanged. Totally dependent and helpless for a day or two. After that I do think it would be a bit on the boring side and frustrating. Would also love to experience being a toddler once again. Do think I would enjoy that for a longer period of time. As for forever, at this time I do not think so. Now when I am very old, unable to move, helpless and dependent on others, becoming baby sized would sound much better.

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